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snow on Caves and mountains Cappadocia winter

The historical Cappadocia in Turkey is best known for its distinctive rock formations, fairy chimneys, and amazing Valleys. Located in Central Anatolia, sprawling between Aksaray in the west and Kayseri in the east. Although the semi-arid Cappadocia is an all-year holiday destination, Cappadocia in winter becomes an astonishing snow-white wonderworld. It is difficult to believe that ancient years back, Cappadocia was a refuge where Christians hid from persecution. It was an immense privilege to experience Cappadocia, and I look forward to returning. This is what to expect from one of the best Turkey winter destinations, Cappadocia.

Best Things to do in Cappadocia in winter

1. Experience the Snow

Although the winter season in Cappadocia starts in mid-December, the snow in Cappadocia usually covers only one side of the fairy chimneys. the uniqueness of Cappadocia in winter. Winter in Cappadocia weather winter season starts mid-December and likely lasts until March when snow begins falling with temperatures as low as -15 degrees.

White Christmas in Cappadocia

During Christmas time, many towns and cities have decorations and fairy light displays; even people have Christmas decorations in their homes, such as Christmas Trees. However, Turks are more focused on celebrating New Year’s Eve, you won’t want to miss one of the best family holiday destinations in Turkey.

Cappadocia Cave Hotel covered with snow
Cappadocia Cave Hotel

2. Winter hot air ballooning in cappadocia

The Cappadocia Balloon rides promise you your best Sunrise experience. Besides, Cappadocia hot air Balloon winter rides are cheaper than summertime, and one can experience picturesque Cappadocia covered in snow. Every day, all year round, dozens of hot air balloons Colourful Balloons go up in the sky and fly over the expansive Valleys in Cappadocia in a delightful kaleidoscope of colour. The tour Company will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to a venue where you’ll meet other tourists and enjoy Coffee and cookies before driving out to the Hot air balloon landing site.

With the cold wind cutting through marrow and bone, we got into our Hot Air Balloon basket. The controller ignited the gas burner, and our hot air balloon rose after a few more puffs of flames. Impressed by the feat of humanity, our balloon rose higher up, White Mountainous Valleys loom majestically in front of us, and we watched the sun rising. I was astonished by the beautiful scenery as our Hot air balloon rose above the world’s most ancient mystical mountains and Valleys.

3. Affordability in Winter

It is less crowded during the winter in Turkey, making public places much more accessible; therefore, you will have a more relaxed holiday. Because there are fewer Crowds during Winter, the accommodation is more affordable in winter, and the options are also more significant. The same goes for transport and activities. That is one of the 21 best reasons to visit Cappadocia in wintertime.

Hot air Balloon ride during snowtime in Cappadocia
Hot air Balloon ride during snow-time

4. Skiing in Turkey at Mt. Erciyes

Cappadocia in Winter Activities

Only 27 Kilometers from Kayseri airport lies the highest mountain in central Anatolia at three 916m. Mt. Erciyes originated from a volcano that erupted a million years ago. Winter sports enthusiasts visit the Ski resorts in the area for the chance to ski and snowboard. Skiing at Mt. Erciyes is another exceptional experience. Mt. Erciyes, pronounced air-jee-ess, has 55 kilometres of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding at Turkey resorts.

The chair lift at Erciyes Ski Centre is the longest in Turkey, and the sports area is between 2 088m and three 346m. During your Cappadocia Skiing trip, head to the inactive volcano Mount Erciyes, where you can hit the snow-covered slopes for about 3 hours. You will enjoy a hassle-free day out with convenient hotel pickup and drop-off. Check out the temperatures with the Best month for skiing during Cappadocia Winter. To see Prices on Trips, click on the below. Oh yes, and remember to Take out Travel Insurance.

Where to stay near Mt. Erciyes

Remember that the Hotels in the area offer up to 40% discount during weekdays. Secondly, Turkey’s ski resorts offer ski lessons and rent all necessary equipment. Therefore you don’t have to buy any equipment and can travel lighter.

We always use and can recommend trusted Booking.com, which offers the best rates on all types of accommodation. In addition, they offer free cancellation bookings, which I highly recommend. That way, you have peace of mind should something unforeseen happen and you need to cancel or change the dates.  

5. Trekking & Hiking in Cappadocia

One cannot visit Cappadocia without exploring the Valleys. The Rose Valley Cappadocia, Soganli Valley, and Love Valley are famous for hiking. Unfortunately, trekking the ‘Ihlara’ Valley is not available in winter.

6. Explore the Göreme open-air Museum

Located in the Goreme Valley, the Zelve Open Air Museum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of Cappadocia’s best things to do, and more specially covered in snow. With well-preserved frescos, the Goreme Open Air Museum has more than 30 rock cave churches.

tours and activities in Cappadocia Winter

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7. Admire the Spectacular Sunset

Visit one of the Sunset points.

  • Red Valley Panorama is 15 minutes from Goreme on your way to Ortahisar.
  • From the Top of Uchisar Castle.
  • Kızılçukur Seyir Tepesi Cafe is known for its spectacular Sunset. The magnificent view from there promises an unforgettable Cappadocia Winter in Turkey sunset and ‘Kızılçukur Seyir Tepesi cafe’. The Cafe serves refreshments, wine, and beer, which you can enjoy while enjoying the view. Take some cash as they don’t have credit card facilities.

8. Pasabaçi, Monks Valley

Explore the beautiful Pasbaçi, which was once called Monks Valley. The extraordinary mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys are a must-see and are only a minute’s drive from Goreme. Monks Valley derived its name from a monk named St. Simeon, who performed many miracles in the area. He flees to Pasabaçi to retire peacefully in a 15-meter-high cave, and as a result, after his death, they built the St. Simeon chapel in his memory.

9. Horse riding Cappadocia in Winter

What can be more exciting than to ride a horse through the amazing valleys of Cappadocia, also known as the ‘land of beautiful horses.’ With its unusual rock formations, the lunar landscape of Cappadocia is ideal for exploring on horseback and Camels. Check Prices and Book Horse Riding Cappadocia and Camel Riding Cappadocia

Mt. Erciyes in Turkey covered in snow
Mt. Erciyes in Turkey covered in snow

10. Turkish Night Winter Solstice

Delight yourself in a Turkish evening complete with Turkish dancers and a delicious Turkish dinner at a Cave restaurant. You can’t afford to miss a Turkish evening in the winter season.

Turkish food is tasty and rich in flavour and tempting and attractive. Different flavours complementing each other will tantalize your taste buds. But do not stress; it is primarily healthy and organically grown. The best Turkish experience where you’ll experience Turkish dances and Turkish Cuisine is to Book a Turkish Night Show.

Traditional turkish dansers dancing at local restaurant
Traditional dancers in Turkey restaurant

11. Relax in a heated Jacuzzi

Recline in a heated Jacuzzi or pool while gazing at the striking coloured Hot air balloons dancing all over spectacular landscapes. For best ways to get around, check The Travel in Turkey Guide.

12. Turkish Hammam

One of the unique things to do in Cappadocia in winter is to go for the old-world traditional Turkish bath in Cappadocia, which is unique to Turkish culture. Also called a Turkish Hamam, a Turkish bath was adopted generations ago from the Roman-Byzantine. People still believe the Seljuk and Ottoman Turks perfected it. The Hammam Maghrabi, or a Hammam massage, Prices vary depending on the chosen package and season. You can expect many specials on a Turkish Hammam in Goreme, especially during Cappadocia in winter.

حمامات تركية    مساج تركيا اسطنبول

13. Explore the Valleys

Unfortunately, trekking the ‘Ihlara’ Valley is unavailable in winter, although there are other Valleys to explore during wintertime in Cappadocia.

  • The famous Devrent Valley in Cappadocia is also known as Imagination Valley due to its animal-shaped rock formations.
  • Pigeon Valley, the Love Valley Cappadocia
  • Hiking in the Rose Valley Cappadocia and Soganli Valley is famous for those wanting a day hike.
  • The Unique Red and Rose Valley Cappadocia are also highly recommended.

14. Visit Uchisar Castle

Explore Uchisar Castle and see the tallest Fairy Chimneys from a distance. Popular Uchisar town is about 8 kilometres from Nevsehir town. From the top of the Castle, the view is breathtaking during winter in Cappadocia. 

15. Visit Underground Cities

Explore Uchisar Castle and see the tallest Fairy Chimneys from a distance. Popular Uchisar town is about 8 kilometres from Nevsehir and has a magnificent top view. The 8th wonder of the ancient World, Uchisar Castle, was discovered in Cappadocia. There are 36 underground cities in the Nevsehir province of Cappadocia alone. The two most famous underground towns are Kaymakli – and Derinkuyu underground cities.

16. Explore Cave Churches 

Remember to take your camera as the snow-capped caves and churches look unique during Cappadocia in winter.

17. Visit the towns of Avanos & Cavusin

Also called Vanessa, the attractive Avanos town is famous for its Turkish Terracotta Pottery as well as Carpet weaving. The Potters in Cappadocia today still use the same ancient techniques as before. Avanos derives its name from the River, which means The City on the River.

18. Shopping in Cappadocia

During wintertime, business is not as good as in summer and shopping in Cappadocia is more fun. Browse for souvenirs in Goreme, and remember to haggle for bargains. Turkish people expect you to haggle and negotiate prices to earn more respect. The Shopkeepers like to offer the best discount to their first customers of the day. Don’t be surprised if the heartwarming Turks offer you some tea or juice free of charge. Without expecting anything in return, it’s part of their culture to provide you with their hospitality and ask about your whereabouts. The following are some of the popular things to shop for in Cappadocia.

Turkish Rugs and Anatolian Carpets

Get ready for haggling. Turkey is famous for its most beautiful handmade items. Namely, Unique handmade Rugs, Isfahan silk Carpets, Kilims, Cushions, Turkish Wall hangings, and tablecloths. Exquisite weaving is for sale on about every street, and prices are very competitive during Cappadocia in winter.

Carpet shop in Cappadocia
Carpet shop in Cappadocia

Stunning Copper- and gourd Lamps

I’ve seen the widest variety of beautiful antiques and colourful mosaic-like lamps. No one can resist taking one or more of these beautiful lamps home. The shop owner will wrap it in bubble wrap for you to take home. I suggest you take it as hand luggage and if it’s too large, you can ask the shop owner to remove the holder which you can glue back at home.

Unique Ottoman Weapons and Swords

Turkey is famous for Ceramics. Many shops sell handmade, vintage Ceramic items,  like plates, tiles, bowls, and lamps. Military forces of the Ottoman Empire used various weapons throughout the centuries. The armoury in Topkapı Palace has an extensive collection that shows selected items.

Turkish Delight & Turkish Locum

Turkey is known for the best quality delectable Turkish delight dusted with the finest quality icing powder. Besides the different flavours of Turkish Delight that are available, Turkish locum in various forms, with pistachio nuts, with chocolate, so many varieties, you can’t even imagine. My favourite will always be the soft pink and, most of all, the ones covered with chocolate and nuts. On your way home, you can always buy some of the Best Locum in Istanbul.

World Famous Turkish Apricots

The nectarous apricots in Turkey are known as the best in the World. They are known for their natural sweetness and softness and are incomparable to other dried apricots, which tend to be sour. These dried fruits make excellent gifts, and don’t forget to buy some extra packets for yourself to take home.

19. Savor Traditional Turkish Cuisine

Turkey is famous for many dishes, but the traditional Turkish Doner kebab is the most popular. Layers of marinated meat are 5roasted on a vertical spit and then shaved off. This tasty savoury meat is served on pita bread, fresh vegetables or salad, and various sauces. Turkish cuisine incorporates many vegetables such as garlic, chillies, peppers, tomatoes, artichokes, eggplant, green beans and zucchini. Indulge in Turkish Baklava with Turkish Coffee. Have some Baklava at Cafe Safak in Goreme Cappadocia in Winter if possible.

20. Cooking Classes with Cookly

Food in a Country tells a story and is one of the best ways to encounter the locals. While enjoying the flavours of their colourful dishes, you will experience the locals and, at the same time, have the time of your life. Join a Turkish Cooking class and go home with the skills to prepare excellent Turkish food. A standard Cappadocia map is freely available in Göreme and other areas. This historic natural wonder, located in Central Anatolia, is the most beautiful region in Turkey. 

See prices and read reviews and see Prices for Cooking classes on Cookly. Experience the art of a Turkish cooking class. World-renowned Cookly allows you to compare multiple schools by using one website only. Pick a location and then book a Culinary Experience. Like most booking websites, it has all the information needed to book a class or a tour.

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