Cruelty in Your Kopi Luwak Coffee

Caged Civet Cat eating coffee cherries

Is the Stench of making money worth it?

Let’s cut the crap and read the truth about Palm Civet cat coffee and why I won’t ever drink or buy the so-called exclusive Kopi Luwak animal Coffee during my travels. The quirky novelty of Copi Luvac has now become a Cruel, painful, and heartless industry. Who would think that the World’s most famous Kopi coffee comes from coffee beans harvested from the faeces of a shy cat-like civet cat?

After the movie Bucket List, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, Coffee became even more popular. Socked by speciality coffee retailers worldwide, the Kopi Luwak Coffee beans became one of the most expensive coffees in the World. The greed for making money became an obsession for locals and some retailers. Natives sadly began poaching the Civets, condemning them to small, wired cages at the cost of these creatures’ misery.

Civet Cat held in cage wired floor
Civet Cat in cage wired floor

History of kopi luwak kávé

In 1991, Tony Wild was introduced to Kopi Luwak in Indonesia and was so impressed that he took some with him when he travelled back to the UK. The history of how these coffee beans were processed spread widely and was the highlight of an Oprah Winfrey show— the origin of pips inside the reddish-purple fruit known as Coffee cherries.

Grievously, in these cages in the Kopi Luwak coffee plantation, they force-fed the civet cats vast amounts of coffee cherries. Malnutrition leads to these poor mammals without access to clean drinking water and a diet of excessive coffee cherries. B sides malnutrition, they are confined to these cages and get overweight due to no exercise and restrainment of movement, only so they deliver more coffee cherries. Moreover, the wires on these cage floors cause abrasions to the Civets’ feet, leaving them in constant pain and misery.

Animal rights groups reacted to the cruelty against these civet cats and launched campaigns to educate consumers. C continued petitions from groups such as PETA to expose the cruelty against these animals. After that, Tony Wild went on record, condemning the Kopi Luwak Coffe production. You can read the article in The Guardian.

A Red Civet cat in wired cages
A Civet cat in a wired cage

Why is Luwak the most famous Coffee?

Kopi Luwak civet coffee isn’t a specific type of coffee bean but originates by way of production. At night, the unsocial Civets wander into the Coffee plantations, where they roam freely, selecting only the finest ripest coffee cherries.

Luwak Coffee process: The digestive system of the civet cats digests the flesh from the cherries, and enzymes in the civets’ stomach are responsible for removing the beans’ acidity but cannot digest the hard seeds. T ey then pass on the hard coffee seeds in their poop. As a result, their harvested faeces produce a smooth, unique taste and flavour.

Sadly, even in Vietnam and the Philippines, civet farms have been set up to stuff these poor animals with coffee cherries like broilers. Cherries come from various coffee trees, the Robust Arabica with defects. T here is the issue – how are the animals bred? e of the most expensive coffees in the World can easily claim to be one of the most unethical.

Coffee cherry droppings in a basket to use for making coffee.
Coffee cherry droppings in a basket to use for making Coffee.

Reasons not to buy Civet Cat Coffee

Firstly, it is practically impossible to find ‘genuinely wild-harvested cherries. Naturally sourced, certified, ethically produced Kopi Luwak coffee is hard to find. Therefore, the chances you’ve been taking for a ride are enormous. Why not buy other good quality coffee to boost your energy? Traders advertise the most expensive Coffee in the World under various names.

  • Free-range Bali Luwak coffee from poop,
  • Natural harvested Indonesian cats coffee,
  • Naturally sourced poop coffee grounds,
  • Coffee from civet cats long with certified Balinese Luwak coffee,
  • Kopi luwak white coffee,
  • Cat poop coffee,
  • Civet Cats’ Coffee.

Because naturally sourced coffee kopi luwak is scarce, poachers all over South East Asia and other parts of the World poach wild Luwak or palm civets. Therefore, I beg you not to support them in any way. D not buy any Kopi Luwak Coffee for sale.

The Kopi Luwak Animal

A Civet is a small, shy, antisocial, nocturnal mammal native to Africa and tropical parts of Southeast Asia, southeast China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The African civets resemble crosses between a raccoon and a hyena with patches and stripes.

Habitat and Diet of Civet cats

This poop coffee animal inhabits forests, mountain biomes, and savanna grasslands. The Kopi Luwak animal or Palm civet cat’s diet naturally consists of fruit, insects, and reptiles. P ease refrains from buying Kopi Luwak Coffee beans or poop coffee for the sake of these poor animals. Chances are it comes from a Kopi Luwak animal cage rather than wild-sourced beans from a poop coffee monkey.

Kopi Luwak Price

Coffee’s most expensive comes from the Kopi Luwak animal, a civet cat. The World’s most costly Coffee can cost anything from $35 to $100 per cup. M recover, these unique cat poop coffee beans cost up to $600 per half a kilogram.

Clever People, they say? I disagree; it isn’t kind, as making money is all some people want. I see the coffee beans being processed without any human effort. These people use these poor animals to enrich themselves by collecting their civet droppings and rinsing them, and that’s how the Kopi Luwak Coffee starts. The cat’s gastric acids help change the coffee beans’ bitterness to a sweeter taste.

A particular blog even says that “Smarter People have found a way to turn it into business”, and if this Coffee is so unique and delicious, why not start producing it on a large scale? So, why maintain the myth that it is the World’s most unique and expensive Coffee? I’m afraid I have to disagree as an animal lover. Furthermore, Some Coffee Brew Guides promote Kopi Luwak Coffee and even the health benefits of drinking Kopi Luwak Coffee.
I don’t have the words to describe exactly how I feel about this statement and the cruelty that goes with it. I love Coffee and enjoy Coffee every day of my life. There are so many good-quality Coffee beans; why would I harm animals – poor civet cats?

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This breaks my heart – Why are people so cruel?
Caged Civet cat
Wild cats in Kopi Luwak Plantation

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