About me

Johan and I standing on Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan, Turkey
Johan and I at Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan, Turkey

Hello! I’m Mimmie,

This travel blog was born naturally from my Passion for Travel and my love for writing about our Adventures. Since pursuing my travel dreams and experiencing the excitement, the quest to explore more and more has become an obsession.

Altogether our experiences from travelling to 4 Continents and exploring 22 Countries, as well as friends asking me for travel advice.

My happy place is to explore unknown places and experience adventures and other cultures. I was brought up on a farm in the Springbokvlakte in South Africa. As a child, I used to climb trees, play with mud, swim in farm dams, and walk the goats to graze.

Besides my love for animals and nature, I always had a passion for exploring new places, doing exciting things, and participating in various sports activities. With such a big World, I hope to explore and experience many more adventures after halftime.

About us

We live in sunny Pretoria, South Africa, with our dogs and cat. Besides that, I like to play with our dog Dazhuri, who accompanies us on our travel journey whenever possible. Johan and I spend time at the gym; both love running, cycling and hiking. We finished the Comrades marathon and various other marathons and cycling races. Although I have wanderlust genes, Johan is not interested in travel planning or involved with the blog. But he thoroughly enjoys every travel journey, not knowing what the next day entails as an adventure coach who knows where we are going next.

We recently bought an old Cargovan, which Johan converted (all by himself) into a fully equipped, off-the-grid Motorhome, ideal for Road trips in South Africa. You can read about our Travel in a Van. We recently featured in the Tuis Magazine and Drive South Africa Roadtrip Explorer.

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