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Lets built memories to last a lifetime!

Hi, my name is Mimmie,

We live in Pretoria, South Africa. Although I'm a Financial advisor, I've always had a Passion for Adventure travel, writing, and all adrenalin-filled activities. Travel fuels my inner being, it feeds my soul, builds everlasting memories and makes me feel alive! I have a constant desire to keep on wandering, exploring and discover more of the beauty our Heavenly Father created for us to enjoy. My hubby is Johan and we are the proud parents of Michéle, Vincent, two energetic dogs named Roxy and Dazhuri, a horse Cheval and a ‘snobbish Cat’ called Renaldo.

I love waking up with different sunrises, seeing different sunsets and experiencing different cultures.  I want to experience the magic, the mystery and the beauty of every place. Money can buy things but not memories. Meet our four-legged Children:


Renaldo, he is not very social and loves playing ball; thus his name says it all.


Dashuri is of Albanian origin and means “Love”. He is an active athlete and spoiled brat.


She is a Bull terrier, an acctive athlete and a good swimmer as you can see.


With a wanderlust mind that doesn’t know how to shut off and a lot of energy in my veins, thanks to Tom & Anna from Adventure in You, this Blog was a ‘dream come true’.


I’ve started this blog to share all our wonderful experiences and to inspire You to travel more. I will help you to make the best of your Trip and to live life to its fullest. I believe you can learn from our mistakes.

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 “If we’re meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet’- Anon