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The award-winning Qatar Airways is renowned for its reliability and excellent onboard service. It is also one of the fastest-growing carriers, with an unprecedented expansion that covers over 160 destinations worldwide.

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Domestic Flights in SA

Specials on Low-Cost Domestic Flights South Africa

Lift Airlines South Africa and their A320 planes fly passengers between Cape Town, Johannesburg, and George.

Global Aviation Kulula founder Gidon Novick and Jonathan Ayache, an ex-Uber executive, started Lift Airlines. As a result, Lift Airlines gives customers peace of mind with flexible tickets without incurring penalties. Altogether, it ensures customers a step ahead by making air travel more accessible and less stressful. Check out and Book Lift Airlines flights to Cape Town, Johannesburg, and George for cheap flights. Also, check out the Best Flight tickets to destinations Worldwide.

International Airports in South Africa

  • O.R.Tambo International, Johannesburg
  • King Shaka International, Durban KZN
  • Cape Town International
  • Bram Fischer International Bloemfontein
  • Port Elizabeth International Airport
  • Upington International

Car Rental Advice

What you can do to make sure you get the best Car Rental deal

  • Book in advance: Prices generally rise when it gets closer to your trip; therefore, book as early as possible. Should your plans change, you can always make changes and even cancel for free, as long it is up to 48 hours before the pick-up.
  • The Deposit: Remember that when you pick up the car, you’ll have to pay a deposit that covers the fuel. Read through the paperwork before signing the rental conditions to ensure you know the excess payable in case of a claim.
  • Small print: Avoid costly fees by knowing how much mileage is included in your rental and the fuel policy.
  • Check the Reviews: Always check what customers say about the rental supplier. Choosing a car rental company with a score of 8 or above is in your best interest.

What do I need to rent a Car?

  • A valid driver’s license. Should you travel to another country, make sure beforehand if you need to take out an international driver’s license. Some companies will only accept a driver’s licence older than 1 year.
  • Identification document or passport. Renting a car in a foreign country, you will need your passport.
  • Credit Card in your name. Most suppliers won’t accept virtual payments (like Google Pay, EFT or Apple Pay). Ensure you have sufficient funds and arrange with your bank before your departure that you’ll be travelling abroad.

Can I rent a car without a credit card?

You may find Car rental Companies that accept debit cards. Always check the Security Deposit section on the rental agreement.

Want to find out where it’s cheapest to rent a car?

Now that you’ve booked a cheap Flight, it is time to check out the rental car options. With the rise in car rental prices worldwide, many travellers seek more affordable destinations. Find one for yourself in our list of the cheapest locations to rent!

Compare Car Rental prices with Discovercars.

DiscoverCars is a leader in online car rentals and compares car rental deals. They boast about negotiating prices between many car rentals at a time directly with the car rental companies, and we can secure lower prices for our customers. From many companies so that you can choose which is best for your trip. They don’t hide fees or extra costs and include all mandatory fees, taxes, and other extras. Therefore, you won’t get any unwelcome surprises.

Airport Checklist

  • Passport and flight tickets/boarding pass.
  • Travel documents for all bookings.
  • Medical Insurance details.
  • Family contact details.
  • Chronic medication and scripts.
  • Secure RDiF Credit card and Money.
  • Cellphone and electronics.

Cabin- or Hand Luggage

  • Do not leave any luggage unattended. 
  • Ensure luggage in the overhead compartment is securely closed, as baggage can move about overhead and fall out.
  • Always pack an extra set of clothing should your baggage be delayed.

Check-In Luggage Guidelines

  • Tag all luggage with your name, email- and contact number (no home address)
  • Don’t pack valuables such as jewellery and electronics in any check-in bag.
  • Ensure luggage is adequately packed and securely locked.
  • Report any mishandled or damaged luggage as soon as possible.
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