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African Elephant at Chobe National Parks

One of the most frequently asked questions is, ‘Is it safe to visit Africa?’ which are the Safest Countries in Africa? Or ‘Which are the safe countries to travel to in Africa? Unfortunately, I don’t have the best news as South Africa is not as safe as it used to be 30 years ago. But, although there is crime, corruption, and poverty in Africa, Africa is filled with the most beautiful scenery and is also home to the most warm-hearted people. Tucked in the most beautiful Kenya and Tanzania in Africa, Rwanda is a gem amidst endless green rolling hills and soaring mountains and is home to the African Gorillas.

Unfortunately, with only half of the World’s remaining mountain gorilla population, Rwanda is where people come to experience these highly endangered beautiful creatures. And, despite Rwanda’s worst past, it is now one of the safest countries in Africa. Therefore, for a most beautiful experience to see Wildlife and the fantastic Gorillas in Africa, Rwanda is your answer.

The 10 Safest Tourist Destinations in Africa


Gorillas on Rwanda Safaris one Safest African Country
Gorillas on Rwanda Safaris Safest African Countries

Dominated by savannahs and mountains, highly elevated Rwanda has been voted the safest country in Africa and ranked 11th globally. Rwanda is the smallest country in East Africa, located in the Great Rift Valley against lush green forests. Moreover, it is the best Country in Africa where the gentle giants roam.

People frequently called Rwanda ‘the land of a thousand hills, and one of the Safest African safari countries. Tucked between Tanzania, Rwanda is bordered by Burundi and Uganda, with the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the western side.

The Best things to do in Rwanda

Safaris in Rwanda

Besides being famous for Gorilla trekking in Rwanda, the Country is one of the Wildlife safari expeditions. Altogether, explore the beautiful lakes or take an African culinary tour. As in most countries worldwide, the food in Rwanda is part of the Rwandan culture.

Are you interested in seeing the Gorillas? One needs at least three days to see Gorillas in Uganda as you need one day to travel to your accommodation, 1 day to Gorilla Trek Rwanda safari, and a third day to travel back. For Permits, options, and Gorilla Trekking Rwanda prices, go to The Ultimate Travel Guide to Rwanda.


is Botswana a safe country in Africa

Africa’s Safest Country Botswana is a great Country brimming with Wildlife and the famous African Safari Botswana experiences. With hardly any crime, probably due to Botswana’s political stability and no crime tolerance, the death penalty is still in Force. Botswana is a remarkable haven for Wildlife.

Since independence, Botswana has not suffered any devastating war or ethnic violence, as seen in Rwanda and other parts of Africa. What a pleasure to explore a country that is not overpopulated and where littering is not allowed. Diverse Country Botswana is topographically flat and consists of 70% Kalahari desert. Botswana borders Zimbabwe to the northeast, with Namibia and South Africa to the west. Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe meet on the eastern end of the Caprivi strip.

Best things to do in Botswana

Visit the Makgadigadi Pans

For one of the best extraordinary and unique experiences, travel to the shimmering nothingness of the Makgadikgadi Pans. Spend the night camping on Kubu Island, surrounded by sprawling salt pans in the middle of nowhere. The best time to visit the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park in Botswana is June to September, when it’s mostly dry.

African Elephant at Chobe National Parks
African Elephant at Chobe National Parks

Okavango Delta Safari

You can get to the Okavango Delta by plane or road. The easiest is to fly via Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Kasane to Maun. A less expensive but adventurous way is to take a 4-hour 43-minute road trip from Maun to Okavango Delta. The best time for the Okavango Delta is during the winter, from May to September, and during the dry season.

Chobe National Park

At Chobe, we’ve had excellent close-up wildlife encounters. There is so much to do and see, and you can’t afford to miss out on a sunset boat cruise. Another thing to do is take a trip to a UNESCO World Heritage site (Shakawe) in the four corners of Africa, where you’ll experience the significance of Tsodilo-Hills.

Safest African Country Botswana Hippopotamus animals at Chobe national Park
Safest African Country Botswana Hippopotamus animals at Chobe National Park

African Safari Botswana

No trip to Africa is perfect without an overnight safari adventure, and Botswana is the ideal region to spot the abundance of fauna and flora. Explore Chobe National Park, which has the highest concentration of elephants in Africa. Savuti Camp, located in Chobe National Park’s heart, has floodable grasslands with migrating zebras and several bird species. Furthermore, Botswana is home to the remarkable Moremi Game Reserve. Moremi in Botswana is the perfect place to encounter wildlife, where we spent two nights camping under the African skies. We encountered lions, buffalo, hippos, jackals, and other wildlife species.

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The peaceful, multicultural Country of Mauritius is rated as one of the safest countries in Africa. Located in the Western Indian Ocean, Mauritius is most famous for its beautiful island holidays. Port Louis, the Capital of Mauritius, is uniquely situated in a sheltered deepwater harbour in the Western Indian Ocean. Being one of the ten wealthiest cities in Africa, Mauritius is one of those bucket list destinations, from backpacking Mauritius to staying in a luxury hotel or at the famous Club Med Mauritius.

About Mauritius

The Mauritius climate

With its peak season from December to March, the island’s climate is mild tropical, primarily warm weather throughout the year. The best time to visit Mauritius is during summer when the days are warm and pleasant, with cool evenings. During the months between January to March, you can expect heavy rain.

Ile Maurice Language

The most common language used all over the island is French. However, about 90% of the population speaks the native language of Mauritian Creole. A large portion of the population does not speak or understand English, although English is Mauritius’ official language.

Bain Boeuf Public Beach, Grand Baie, Mauritius Africa
Bain Boeuf Public Beach, Grand Baie, Mauritius Africa

Mauritius Tours and Boat Cruises to ile aux cerfs

Travel comfortably to the magnificent Northern Isles aboard a beautiful Catamaran Adventure Cruise. Visit all 3 Northern Isles and encounter dolphins and whales. It is together, snorkelling, swimming, relaxing, a BBQ lunch and drinks. The most affordable way to get to Ile aux Cerfs is to take a taxi boat from Trou D-Eau Douce.

Other safe countries in Africa


Known as the safest Country in Africa to live in, Namibia is one unique Country where one can experience the desert, the sea, and Wildlife. It is the driest of all the Sub-Saharan African Countries, with gigantic red dunes, some more than 300 meters high and up to thirty kilometres long. With its low crime rate, it also is one of the best places for a road trip.

History of Namibia

The San people, or Bushmen, first inhabited Namibia. They are all members of various Kehoe, Tuu, or Kx-speaking indigenous hunters. Namibia’s heartwarming, friendly people, low crime rate without conflict, and political stability make Namibia one of Africa’s Safest Countries and the safest place to live in Africa.

Southwest Africa is located on the southwestern coast of Africa and is bordered by Angola to the north, Zambia and Botswana to the east, and South Africa. The weather is relatively consistent all year round, and there’s nowhere near as much rain as in other Southern African countries. It is best to go during the dry winter season from July to October for Etosha wildlife viewing.

Safe desert Africa Country Sossusvlei Namibia
Safe desert Africa Country Sossusvlei Namibia

Best Things to Do in Namibia

Explore the Dessert

It would help if you experienced an African Namib desert safari, experience sand and sea, and sunset over red Namibia dunes. Take a Namibia tour to admire the Sossusvlei dunes, and hike to the top of Dune 45, whereafter you can slide down. After that, drive to the ghost town of Kolmanskop. Delight in the Charm of the Skeleton Coast.

Marvel at the Cheetah Rehabilitation Centre at Etosha National Park Namibia. Visit the significant coastal town of Swakopmund, located west of the Capital of Namibia, Windhoek. See the flamingos in Walvis Bay, and enjoy the Seal Colony at Cape Cross. Another adventure is cycling through the Aus Mountains range.

Fish River Canyon

Travelling to the Fish River Canyon is one of the most off-the-beaten-path and unique places to experience during your journey through Namibia. Besides being home to an immense Canyon in Africa, it is famous for one of the best hiking routes in Africa. Walking deep down in the canyon, surrounded by nature, is an unforgettable experience. I recommend you read about our extraordinary experience Hiking the five-day Fish River.


With its rich culture, picturesque Seychelles is an archipelagic island country on the eastern side of Somalia, filled with charming beaches along the warm Indian Ocean. The World’s largest seabird colonies call Seychelles home. Considered one of the Safest African countries, the best time to visit the beautiful island of Seychelles is from April to May and between October and November.

Best Islands in Seychelles

Mahé is not only the largest but also the most popular destination in Seychelles. Mahé boasts 65 beaches and a multitude of cafés and restaurants. With its pristine beaches, the charming island of La Digue is known for its array of tortoises, whereas the island of Praslin is most famous for its striking Palm forest and coral reefs.

Seychelles is one of Africa’s most beautiful and popular tropical holiday destinations with its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Altogether, the romantic Seychelles Holiday Packages from South Africa. Besides relaxing on the soft sandy beaches, diving and snorkelling, there are boat trips, the jungle, and the World’s parks.

Sea Seychelles vacation in one of safest Countries in Africa
Sea Seychelles vacation in one of safest Countries in Africa


Ethiopia is one of the oldest civilisations globally and a country filled with diverse landscapes, unique wildlife, incredible scenery, and natural wonders. In addition, the Country is famous for producing some of the World’s best coffee beans. It is located on the peninsula known as The Horn of Africa. Altogether, it stretches along the eastern side of the Red Sea and borders Somalia, Kenya, and Sudan. Rich in living culture, Ethiopia has about 85 different tribes, each with its traditions.

Safety in Ethiopia

Unfortunately, an announcement was made in 2023 that there is sporadic violent conflict, crime, civil unrest, disruptions, terrorism, and kidnapping in border areas. Sadly, this hasn’t been resolved, and if you ask me if Ethiopia is safe for solo female travellers, I would say reconsider visiting Ethiopia until authorities say otherwise.

Best Tourist Attractions Ethiopia

The Blue Nile Falls Ethiopia

One of the most popular attractions in Ethiopia is, without a doubt, the Blue Nile, which is among the greatest waterfalls in Africa. It falls from a 60m high cliff and runs along the border of 10 Countries in Africa. These countries include Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Sudan.

Lake Tana

One of the best Ethiopia Tourist Places is Lake Tana. Located about 560 km from Addis Ababa, Lak Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia from where the Blue Nile flows.

Places to visit in Ethiopia

When is the best time to visit Ethiopia?

It depends on what you want to see; the best time is between October and March when there’s less rainfall. The peak holiday season starts at the end of September. However, November to January is a pleasant time for a cultural experience and nature.

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An Ethiopian woman in traditional clothing carrying a basket on her head
African Sunset at Makgadigadi pans Botswana
Sunset in Mauritius Trou aux Biches


Unaffected by turbulence like many other North African countries, Morocco has benefitted from a stable political system. However, Morocco is one of the safest countries in Africa. Be vigilant at all times, as petty crime does occur. Be aware of scams in significant cities like Marrakesh. The Country offers diverse adventures, including scuba diving, snorkelling, river rafting, and road trails around Morocco and Marrakesh.

The Best Time to visit Morocco

As Morocco gets blazing hot, the ideal time to visit Morocco is between April and May or September and October.

Street market in Morocco filled with colourful carpets and clothing
Street markets in Morocco are filled with colourful carpets and clothing


Maasai Mara, also known as Masai Mara, is one of the largest national game reserves in Narok, Kenya. She is known for her African Wildlife Safaris and the annual Wildebeest migration. The Migration is Africa’s most spectacular big game attraction. Kenya is famous for producing one of the World’s best coffee beans. Another fantastic experience is riding a Hot air balloon over the Masai Mara. Though Kenya has been in the headlines for political conflict and issues along the coast, it is among the ten safest countries in Africa. Crime is not an issue for most tourists, although I suggest you always be careful. Avoid the Somalian border and the Northern Coast.

When to visit Kenya

A good time to visit Kenya is during the dry months between July and October. This is also when the remarkable Wildebeest migration arrives in Masai Mara.


An expedition in sub-Saharan Africa will be a unique experience and leave you with endless memories lasting a lifetime. In Tanzania, the Serengeti National Park is most famous for millions of wildebeest trekking across vast plains. Watching the abundant Wildlife alongside each other is quite an overwhelming experience. Remember your camera, as the wildebeest migration is every photographer’s dream.

Considering the vast region, doing a Tanzania Camping Safari has unique thrills and frills that travel buffs shouldn’t miss. Even if you are zoophobic, we’re confident that a trip to Tanzania can awaken something fascinating in you.

Wildebeest migration Kenya #masai mara migration Tanzania
Wildebeest migration Kenya #masai mara migration Tanzania


Victoria Falls, which David Livingstone discovered, is one of the world’s seven natural wonders and one of the world’s largest waterfalls. It is one of the safest countries in Africa and has the friendliest people. Located on the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning The Smoke that Thunders. Victoria Falls is Zimbabwe’s most prominent attraction.

Victoria Falls tours Zimbabwe, one of the safe Countries in Africa
Victoria Falls tours Zimbabwe, one of the safest Countries in Africa

Best things to do in Zimbabwe

Admire the Smoke that Thunders in Zimbabwe, where we experienced one of the best adrenalin-filled experiences. We had the best white water rafting experience on the Zambezi and any extreme sports enthusiast’s paradise. Besides offering bungee jumping, abseiling, and white water rafting on the mighty Zambezi.  

Do not miss a sunset cruise on the Zambezi. While sipping on your cocktail, watch hippos wallowing on the banks of the Chobe River. Zimbabwe is one of the world’s most beautiful, friendly, and safe worlds.

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