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Blue Lagoon Oludeniz beach #Oludeniz nerede #Fethiyebeach

The laid-back Harbourside town of Fethiye is a hidden gem on Turkey’s southwest coast in the Mügla Province. Its stunning beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by dramatic mountain ranges and ancient historical sites, make Fethiye a perfect holiday destination. To experience both the mixture of old and new made Fethiyeeven more delightful. In this Fethiye Travel blog, I share my top attractions and some of the best things to do in Fethiye and around.

Fethiye Marina Turkey
Fethiye Marina Turkey

Fethiye Travel Guide

The History of Fethiye

Turkey’s Fethiye town was built on the ancient Lycian city of Telmessus, dating centuries ago. Although the town was struck by two devastating earthquakes, one in 1856 and one in 1957, the city remained and is a gem with an array of adventures waiting for you to come and explore.

How to Get to Fethiye

Fethiye is easily reached by road from all directions or by flying from Istanbul to Dalaman Airport. The closest airport to Fethiye is Dalaman Airport, which is 45.3 km away and takes about 47 minutes by car. Coming from the Greek Islands, one can easily book one of the exciting Ferryscanner ferries from the Greek Islands to Turkey.

  • Travelling by Plane: Coming from abroad, most airlines fly via Istanbul to Dalaman. For special offers on flights to Turkey.
  • Dalaman to Fethiye Transfer: You can Rent a car at Fethiye Airport or a Private transfer from Dalaman Airport. Unfortunately, there are no rail links.
  • By sea: Book a Ferry to Fethiye. Unfortunately, the Ferry connection between Greece and Fethiye is only available during summertime and goes via Rhodes (all Rhodes ports). The ferry departs early morning and arrives about 1.5 hours later at Fethiye Harbour.

The Best Time to Visit Fethiye

Although it is popular all year round, if you’re like me, a sun- and beach lover and like to swim, I recommend summertime, if you want to experience a white Christmas, wintertime, of course. To know what to expect from each of the seasons in Turkey, with temperatures and best climates, visit Turkey’s Weather by Month.

The 11 Best Things to Do Fethiye

1. Visit the Fethiye Marina

One of the best things to do in Fethiye is to visit the Fethiye Port, where hundreds of luxury yachts, Gulets, and Turkish boats anchor. The Fethiye harbour is brimming with restaurants and bars lined up along the coastline with beautiful views over the Mediterranean. Besides the beautiful view over the Mediterranean, the Marina in Fethiye is the ideal place to enjoy a sundowner and have something to eat.

2. Boat Trips around Fethiye

Do not miss out on this recommended Boat Trip from Fethiye.

3. Explore the Beaches

Fethiye boasts some of the most stunning beaches you won’t want to miss and should be on top of any adventure traveller’s list of places to visit. Check out all the stunning Beaches in Fethiye.

The Worlds most photographic Beach in Fethiye Oludeniz, Turkey also known as Blue Lagoon.
Beach in Fethiye Oludeniz, Turkey

3. Paragliding in Turkey

This is your chance to do the most exhilarating thing, Paragliding Ölüdeniz Turkey. I promise you, you’ll thank me afterwards. One of the best things to do is Paraglide at Oludeniz. Baba-dag Mountain is a world-class launch site off the Turkish Riviera coast. This bucket list experience promises your most exhilarating experiences ever and should be on any extreme adventurer’s to-do list. On a clear day, the glide from Baba-dag Mountain over Oludeniz will take you literally into the clouds.

When you exit the clouds, you’ll be surrounded by a breathtaking panoramic view of the beaches below. Your unique Mt. Baba experience ends when you land on Olüdeniz beach. Book your Tandem Paragliding flight in Turkey right here to experience flying between the clouds above one of the world’s most astonishing beaches.

4. Visit Butterfly Valley

The uninhabited island, Butterfly Valley, derives its name from the many Jersey Tiger butterflies and is accessible only by sea. Besides swimming and sunbathing, explore the Valley with its waterfall. One of the best things to do is to take a boat trip to experience Butterfly Valley, the Blue Cave, and other picturesque bays along the way.

One highlight is booking a 12-island Boat trip to explore the Valley. During the boat cruise, also called Fethiye Tatil Koyleri, where you can swim and snorkel in the bays. Lunch is included in the trip. The Island Boat trip is in high demand. To avoid disappointment, visit Boat Trip to Butterfly Valley Boat for bookings.

Woman at Fethiye Butterfly Valley Waterfall
Me at Fethiye Butterfly Valley Waterfall

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Activities in Fethiye and Surroundings

5. Saklikent Milli Parki Saklikent Gorge

Saklikent Gorge is a breathtaking canyon in the Saklikent National Park, just 50 kilometres from Fethiye. With a depth that ranks among the world’s deepest, the gorge spans an impressive 16 kilometres, making it an ideal spot for adventure seekers. You’ll need the right Turkish equipment and guidance to explore the hidden city within the park. To unleash your inner adventure and explore the countryside, Book a full-day Saklikent Gorge Jeep Safari.

6. Visit The Amazing Ghost town

One of the most fantastic experiences around Fethiye was our visit to the Ghost Town Kayakoy. Sadly, Kayakoy was abandoned in antiquity after the population exchange between Turkey and Greece. Walking through the abandoned town made me step back in time. Explore Kaÿakoy Ghost Town Quad Safari

7. Visit the Fethiye Fishmarket

After all these years, it’s unbelievable how well-preserved the Katapongagia and Taxiarchis Church in the deserted Kayakoy Village. Walking inside the church with its well-preserved mosaic floor was like stepping back in time. Want to enjoy an exhilarating bike ride through forest trails and visit the abandoned Greek village of Kadakoy? Another great adventure is to explore the Countryside on a Quad Bike.

8. Shopping In Fethiye

However, please take advantage of the traditional Fethiye Tuesday market, where locals come to sell their products from cheeses, local fruits, vegetables, and clothing. Browse the charming shops in Fethiye’s old town for unique jewellery, leather, varieties of Turkish delight, tea, coffee, and other traditional Turkish items. Then, catch a dolmus and go to nearby Hisaronu for some shopping.

9. Visit the Fethiye Fishmarket

You’ll be amazed at the variety of seafood at the fish market. At the market, one can hand-pick your fish, whereafter they cook it to your liking. They will then serve your meal at the restaurant of your choice.

Woman hiker Hiking Olimpos Adrasan Lycian Way #kemeradrasan

10. The Lycian Way 

The famous Lycian Trail in Turkey is a long-distance hiking trail along the coast of Southwestern Turkey. The entire trail is approximately 520 km in length.

Starting in Hisarönü, near Fethiye, walk to the abandoned Greek village of Kayakoy. To enter the ruin of Kadikoy, one must pay 50TL. Then, walk through the ancient Greek village and up the hill.

The most scenic part of the route is the Fethiye-Kayaköy Lycian route and the Kayaköy-Ölüdeniz route.

You’ll be rewarded with stunning sea views from the top of the mountain. The trail eventually leads to the beach town of Oludeniz, where you can take a Dolmus back to town.

One can do a day hike from Fethiye to Oludeniz and then take a taxi back to Fethiye.

If you are into history, Fethiye and its surroundings are filled, like the rest of Turkey, with Ancient historical sites.

11. Visit the Historical Places in Fethiye

The Castle in Fethiye

Walk back in time and visit the Knights of St.Johan (Turkey’s Fethiye Castle), which was, in ancient times, a symbol of power and control. As a stronghold, the Castle played a massive role in maintaining the safety and security of the people. Its imposing defensive walls and towers protected the area and its inhabitants throughout history. The castle is situated in the heart of the picturesque coastal town.

Fethiye Telmosses Roman theatre

The partially excavated Telmessos Theatre was built during the 2nd Century BC and used to accommodate 6,000 spectators. Situated behind the harbour on a hillside overlooks the Mediterranean. While at it, I recommend visiting the well-preserved cave tombs in the ancient city of Telmessos. To experience it all, Book a Fethiye Roman Theatre Pammukale full-day trip.

Fethiye Lycian Rock Tombs

“Situated south of town, the cluster of tombs is crowned with the Lycian ruler nobleman’s tomb, the Tomb of Amyntas. Built by the Lycian Empire in 350 BC, it is perfectly carved into the side of the cliffs and overlooks the ocean. The only way to get to the tombs is by foot, which involves a flight of steps up to the hillside top. On a triangular pediment, an inscription reads, “Amyntas, son of Hermagios”.

Situated south of town, the cluster of tombs is crowned with the Lycian ruler or nobleman’s tomb, the Tomb of Amyntas. Built by the Lycian Empire in 350 BC, it is perfectly carved into the side of the cliffs and overlooks the ocean. The only way to get to the tombs is by foot, which involves a flight of steps up to the hillside top. On a triangular pediment, an inscription reads, “Amyntas, son of Hermagios”.

The Museum of Fethiye

With free entrance, the Fethiye Museum is home to several art effects, varying from ancient to modern art. Altogether, the Hadrian statue, the gold laurel wreath, and the Letoon temple floor decoration and ceramics.

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places to stay in Fethiye

Fethiye offers all types of accommodation, from hostels to budget rooms, mid-range- and luxury hotels, apartments, Villas, and Luxury hotels (Muğla Fethiye Otelleri). Browse through the following options.

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