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Imagine waking up every morning to a beautiful sunrise and the fresh ocean air. Enjoy freshly roasted coffee on the Gulet deck while a chef prepares breakfast. One of the best ways to experience the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey is through a Blue Voyage Turkey. The southern coast of Turkey is adorned with never-ending beaches, secret coves, and cosy bays with crystal-clear turquoise waters. Apart from exploring small charming villages and uninhabited islands, you can anchor at romantic bays to dive into the crystal clear water and snorkel above sunken remnants. After a day of sun and fun, you can watch the sunset over the Mediterranean. Here is our experience and what you can expect from a Mediterranean Sailing Holiday in Turkey.

Blue Voyage Sailing Holidays Turkey

What is a Turkish Blue Cruise

The famous Blue Cruise, also known as Blue Voyage or Blue Gulet Cruise, originates in Turkey. These traditional cruises take you along the coast of Turkey’s Southwestern Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, allowing you to experience idyllic days at sea while enjoying great food on board. Whether you are on a tight budget or have some extra cash to spend, different options are available to suit your needs. But one thing is sure: you cannot afford to miss out on this unforgettable experience.

Gulet on a Blue Voyage Sailing Holidays Turkey Blue Cruises
Gulet on a Blue Voyage Sailing Holidays Turkey Blue Cruises

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Benefits of taking a Blue Voyage Turkey

Turkish gulet holidays are an incredibly fantastic experience! The rhythmic movement of the waves and the sound of water and wind induces a meditative state that positively affects brainwave patterns. The fresh, salty sea air contains charged ions that increase oxygen absorption, improve serotonin levels, reduce stress, and help you relax while enjoying delicious, freshly prepared Turkish meals.

Imperative Points to Consider

The following list of critical factors is provided to help you navigate the costs involved in a project when you have no clear direction. Below is a more detailed explanation of each of these points. If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to ask or contact me.

  • Affordability: Your budget will give you a good idea and help with decision-making.
  • Preferences: Cabin Charter boats have 6 – 8 cabins, which means you will be with a maximum of 12 or 16 people.
  • Luxury or Standard: What experience do you want? Are you looking for a luxury trip or something simpler and more affordable? However, If your budget is not that of a sultan, be realistic and don’t expect everything to be 5-star.
  • IItinerary: decide between a standard Itinerary or a tailor-made itinerary, and also consider the following vital points before making a decision. Consider your desired experience and reflect on what you like most and places along the coastline you would like to experience. This way, you will know what the Turkey Blue Cruise Itinerary offers. 
  • Duration of trip: Blue Voyage Cruises varies from 3 days up to 7 days.
  • Bookings: A reputable Blue Voyage Company with a good track record and reviews will give you more peace of mind.

Turkish Gulets

A traditional Turkish Gulet is a handmade wooden yacht famous for Blue Voyage Gulet cruises in Turkey. Well-crafted boats are defined by their brilliant wooden polish finish and are equipped with sails and a motor, making them ideal for cruising in shallow waters and bays. The interior of the Gulet cabins varies from simple small cabins to larger, more luxurious ones, making them perfect for sailing holidays in Turkey.

Luxury Turkish Yachts

A luxury yacht is a vessel at least 24 meters long with an onboard crew. Sailing Holidays Turkey yachts are primarily private and ideal for a luxurious sailing adventure in Turkey.

Turkey expedition charters

In essence, explorer yachts—also known as expedition yachts—are yachts that have been purpose-built or converted to travel long distances without needing to find a port.

bareboat charters turkey

A Bareboat Charter refers to a boat rented without a crew, skipper, or captain. In contrast, an Expedition Yacht is designed to sail longer distances without refuelling. Expedition Yachts are commonly used for extended sailing trips and adventures in Turkey. In essence, Turkish explorer yachts, also known as Turkey expedition charters, are yachts built to travel long distances before reaching a Port.

Blue Voyage Turkey Cruises Routes

When planning a sailing holiday in Turkey, deciding your route is essential and ensuring you have a clear start and finish date and time. Remember that these holidays depart from various harbours, so check the itinerary and book your cruise according to your schedule. Typically, this Blue Voyage Turkey Gulet Cruise departs from either Demre, near the beautiful Bohemian village of Olympos, finishes in the harbour town of Fethiye, or vice versa.

Sunken City of Kekova
Kas Sunken City of Kekova

Our Blue Voyage Experience

We were a group of 8 sailors and a crew of 3, which included the captain who started our Blue Voyage Turkey sailing trip from Demre after spending the previous night in the Bohemian Village of Olympos. On the day of departure, we took a Dolmus to Demre and boarded our Turkish Gulet, where we met the rest of our group. We set sail at 11:00 am in perfect summer weather with blue skies. As we sailed from the harbour, we relaxed on the deck, soaking up the Mediterranean sun while the chefs prepared our lunch. All the meals served during our Turkey Blue voyage were fresh, tasty, and generous. We booked our Blue Voyage Sailing Holiday in Turkey with Alaturka-Cruises and enjoyed every moment.

Turkey Blue Cruise Highlights

Explore the Sunken City of Kekova and swim in the crystal-clear waters. Enjoy snorkelling in the cosy bays and bask in the warm Mediterranean sun and climate.

Anchor the beautiful bays and islands and witness the breathtaking sunrise and sunset from the Gulet. Admire the stunning stars at night, and even spend the night on deck.

IPicture yourself on a Turkish Gulet, savouring a cocktail and enjoying a Mediterranean sunset with delicious Turkish cuisine.

Sunken City Kekova Sailing Holidays Turkey
Sunken City Kekova Sailing Holidays Turkey

Demre myra kekova sunken city

The restricted Sunken City of Kekova promises an incredible experience. The City was destroyed in the 2nd century, and witnessing its underwater remains is breathtaking. One must see it in person to truly appreciate its wonder and beauty. Although swimming is prohibited in the Sunken City, it is a beautiful and unforgettable experience on the yacht.

Simena Island (Kaleköy)

We dropped anchor near the charming fishing village of Simena, also known as Kaleköy. This charming fishing village has been inhabited since the 4th century and is only reached by sea.

The Byzantine Castle is a jewel perched atop the mountain, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area. Beside the castle, explore the ancient tombs that give this small island its unique character and treat yourself to some delicious ice cream at a local shop before returning to your Gulet.

The crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean are perfect for swimming and snorkelling. The absence of sharks or strong currents makes it safe and enjoyable.

Having Ice Cream on a Gulet boat - Blue Cruise Turkey
Johan enjoys an Ice Cream near Simenye Island in Turkey.

Sailing Holidays in Turkey Itinerary

Kalkan to Kas

Our gulet has anchored at the small fishing village of Kas. The village is filled with charming little shops that sell quality antique- and silver jewellery. Kas also boasts narrow, cobbled streets, art galleries, and cosy street cafés.

Butterfly Island

Our gulet has dropped anchor at the picturesque fishing village of Kas. Explore the village of Kas for its delightful shops with exquisite silver and antique jewellery, considered among the finest quality in Turkey. Kas also offers narrow cobbled streets, art galleries and charming street cafés perfect for relaxing and soaking up the local atmosphere.

Tandem Paragliding over the Blue Lagoon

Our Blue Voyage Sailing Holiday led us to one of the most beautiful beaches on the Lycian Coast. Olüdeniz Lagoon is where one can paraglide over the most picturesque beach in the World. Besides the breathtaking 360-degree view, it is an unforgettable experience. We finished our Turkey Blue Cruise Sailing Holiday the next day in Fethiye.

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