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Want to travel but don’t know how to plan a trip? A well-planned travel Itinerary is time-consuming but very rewarding. To assist you in planning, I’ve compiled a Travel planners Travel Smart step-by-step travel planner guidelines on How to Plan the Perfect trip. After exploring a few continents and Countries, I made mistakes that made me a much wiser and more experienced traveller. So I suggest you get a cup of coffee, a pen and a notebook, and make yourself comfortable. As they say, when you fail to plan, you will likely Plan to fail. Read further to see What and where you can book the Best of everything you’ll need. In this Plan My Trip Travel Planners Guide, I share the best Booking resources no matter where you want to go.

How To Travel Smart

Although there are so many Holiday Planners on the market, I still believe the best travel planners come from people like us who have learned through our mistakes and know what works best. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I’ve planned the travel from start to finish and arranged everything myself without a travel planning company. Besides, our travel experiences vary from trips in all the regions in South Africa—and as far as dream adventure places such as the Amazon and the Andes.

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1. Decide on the Destination

Your Destination is an essential part of planning a vacation. You either know or have an idea of where you want to go or are unsure. Another question is whether you have enough years to see all the places you dream of visiting. If you are unsure where to go, ask yourself, what makes you happy? Do you like exploring places, sightseeing, and meeting different cultures, or only want to relax somewhere in the bushveld or on a beach? Outweigh the pros and cons of each Destination to narrow them down. Not sure where to travel? Here are the 2023 Bucket List Ideas and Destinations.

2. What are your Preferences

Do you prefer staying in hotels, guest houses, self-catering apartments, or Camping? If you’re still unsure, look at the different options further down in the post. If you travel solo, you don’t have to consider others, but when travelling as a couple, family, or group, you must consider them. Stipulate in your Vacation Planner notes everyone’s likings, ideas, preferences, needs, and interests. You also have to keep in mind their personalities.

Essential Things to Consider and Discuss

  • Do you prefer planned tours and outings or do-it-yourself?
  • Are you a Budget traveller but don’t mind paying for certain activities?
  • Have no budget, or are you on a Budget?
  • Preferences for where to stay: Hotels, self-catering, or Camping?
  • Are you an Adventure seeker who likes cycling, walking or hiking?
  • Do you like quiet places or busy places?
  • Mountains, Bushveld, Sea-holiday, or perhaps a Sailing or Cruise vacation?
  • Means of travel: Flying, Island hopping, a road trip or combined?

3. Requirements

  • Make sure your Passport is in order and check the expiry date.
  • Will you need a Visa?
  • Vaccination requirements?
  • Travel responsibly by taking out Travel Insurance.

4. Finances and your Budget

You will know if you’re on a Shoestring Travel Budget or no budget at all. Make sure you have sufficient funds. Keep the following expenses in mind:

  • Flight tickets
  • Transport (car rental)
  • Visa and Vaccinations (if applicable)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Food and Snacks
  • Entertainment
  • Unforeseen expenses

Money & Credit Card Facilities

  • Will you need local currency, and how much?
  • Do you need cash for transport and taxes?
  • Are you going to use a Credit card?
  • Make arrangements with your bank for unforeseen costs should your card be stolen. If possible, take more than one card.
  • Ensure you get The right Money bag to keep cash and valuable documents safe.

5. Season and Weather Preference

  • Do you want to travel during the high, low, or shoulder season?
  • To make the most of your holiday, check when is the best month to visit the Destination you have in mind.
  • Do you prefer a Summer holiday, Autumn, Winter or Springtime?
  • Check on religious- and festive events around your travel dates that might impact your vacation.

6. Amount of Travel days

Before planning your vacation and itinerary, you must know your available days. Important points besides the days and dates: Your flight duration and stopovers may impact your arrival date and accommodation booking.

Plan Trip Travel and Travel Itinerary
Plan Trip Travel and Travel Itinerary

7. Travel Planners Travel Smart Itinerary

  • Tips when outlining your Travel planner as you want to make the most of every day on your vacation. Make notes to return to later when it comes to your Itinerary maker. 
  • List the best things to see and do in your travel planner in each region. 
  • Do you want to stay in one area or place only, or do you prefer to see as much as possible?
  • Would you visit more than one region or Country, and if so, check on the different time zones for each area?  
  • How many days you will need for each region will depend on what you want to see, do, and experience; therefore, you need a wisely planned travel Itinerary.    
  • Remember, less is more! Rather than revisit the area later, rush around and find yourself not enjoying the travel journey. You don’t want to spend most of your time travelling from A to Z and, in the process, not appreciating each moment.

8. The 10 Best Vacation Planner Apps

Nowadays, there are so many different Plan My Trip apps, travel planner apps, and travel planner websites that it is difficult to know which are the best. If you need them, it depends on a few things. To help you decide if you need them and which ones to use, I’ve compiled a list of the best apps, what they offer, and their costs.

Top 10 Trip Planner Apps 
Top 10 Trip Planner Apps 

8.1  Rome2Rio Travel app

Using the Rome2rio app, you will find all possible ways and means of travel, from point A to anywhere in the world, even for bike share and self-drive, and provide directions for those who prefer to walk.

8.2  Momondo Travel app

The Momondo Travel app compares flights from more than 1000 airlines and information on how to travel safely and smartly—popularly endorsed by the New York Times and many Travel bloggers. Momondo Flight travel app is free.

8.3  FlightAware Travel app

Avoid delays using FlightAware, the world’s largest flight tracking platform, to search for your flight. Using FlightAware, you can track your trip and know in the event of flight delays. Also, confirm the expected arrival time at your Destination. Besides that, the FlightAware travel app is free to use. So make it part of your Travel planner’s innovative journey.    

8.4  Tripadvisor Travel app

It is probably one of the most popular trip plan apps, used by many travellers full of resources, reviews of the best places to eat, which area to stay, cheap accommodation, and where to shop. TripAdvisor also provides information on transport and flights. You can ask any travel-related questions and obtain advice from locals and tourists. The How to use the TripAdvisor travel planner app is also free of charge and always comes in handy; therefore, I suggest you add it to your Travel Planners Travel innovative must-haves.

8.5  TripoRama Trip Creator app

If you are planning a trip with friends or looking for a family trip planner or a group, then Triporama is your answer. For group travellers, check out The TripoRama trip-sharing app for groups. With TripoRama, the group can comment, exchange ideas, and collaborate without getting together, which makes discussing the Travel Itinerary much easier. In addition, TripoRama trip creators and group trip planners are free of charge. 

8.6 Sygic Maps

Using the Sygic high-quality 3D maps with GPS navigation, the assured you follow the perfect travel route to your Destination is an ideal destination map planner. Sygic travel maps will provide the ideal planned travel route for your road trip. It even directs you to the perfect parking spot and shows you the speed limit and camera warnings. With the Sygic Maps app, you get information on the locations of hotels, restaurants, and main attractions. The Sygic Maps app is a world map travel planner and is free to use.  

Roadtrippers Online tour planner
Roadtrippers Online Tour Planner

8.7  Maps. me

Many travellers worldwide use Maps. Me for navigation. Not only can this app be used offline, but it is also free. Check out How to use the Maps. Me vacation planner software app.

8.8  RoadTrippers Itinerary Planner app

Travellers in Canada and the United States can use the Roadtrippers Trip Planner app to help them plan their road trip turn by turn. Just add your Destination and the starting point. The Roadtrippers travel app is an accessible route planner and itinerary builder and will even show destination resting places along the route and off the beaten path.

8.9 Tripit Vacation Planner app

The highly-rated Tripit travel app is my favourite travel organizer app. Keeping track of all your travel plans, things to do, and packing lists, as well as arrangements and things to remember, can get very stressful and overwhelming. Tripit is famous for organizing and storing all your notes, travel plans, checklists, documents, and essential things to remember. Sign-up is free unless you upgrade to Tripit-Pro with How to Plan a Trip.  

8.10 PackingPro Travel app

The excellent PackingPro app is an app. This packing list assistant might come in handy and is a fantastic App with compartments and other things. You can even create a to-do list, making PackingPro one of the most used trip planner apps.

PackingPro app
Packing app

The following resources are known for excellent customer service and reliability and, besides their competitive rates, have proven to be better than their competitors. They are the first ones I use when planning any trip.

  • I always compare Travelstart, Qatar, and CheapOair for the best flight deals.
  • Best deals on Ferry tickets, Ferryscanner is your best resource from over 80 reputable Ferry Companies, offering a wide selection of Ferries to ensure you have the best experience possible.
  • Find the Best deals on Car Rental at Discover Cars.
  • For Airport transfers to and from anywhere, compare Transport services on Klook and GetYourGuide.
  • Safety Wing Travel Insurance – Never travel without Safety Wing offers affordable travel insurance for both digital nomads and long-term travellers, with excellent cover as well as user-friendly claims processes.
  • Book the Best Hotels and Self-catering accommodations with
  • For the best range of Hostels and Budget rooms, book with Hostelworld.
  • Get Your Guide is a popular marketplace offering a range of trips and tours worldwide, including treks, cooking classes, cycling- and city walking tours.
  • is famous for some of the best day trips, Tours, and Cruises at affordable rates from top Companies.
  • Another World renowned booking company offering a range of tours and activities is G-Adventures
  • Viator is also known for its wide selection of day trips, activities, and tours at Top Destinations.
  • For the best Cooking experience, book a cooking class with Cookly.

Travel Planners Travel Smart Ideas 

Most Romantic Places to Visit

My favourite and the most romantic place I can recommend is Cappadocia in Turkey. So visit Turkey for the time of your life. This diverse Country offers something for everyone. Check out Places you don’t want to miss in Turkey

  • Take a Hot Air Balloon ride at sunrise over Cappadocia in Turkey.
  • Reasons you must Visit the Picturesque Midlands.
  • Go on a Blue cruise along the Lycian Coast.
  • Experience the sunset over Santorini.
  • Stargazing in Namibia.
  • Sail along the Lycian Coast in Turkey.


For other fantastic experiences building lifetime memories,

beach vacation travel planners
beach vacation travel planners

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase (at no additional cost), I might earn a small commission.  

How to Find the Best Accommodation

When visiting a tourist town, consider staying in the nearest smaller city as it is usually more affordable and can be much more rewarding. By staying near the local community, you experience more of their culture. Moreover, you get to know their ways of living and doing things. Besides that, you would discover their best eateries and restaurants with usually much lower prices.

Tips on Planning Where to Stay

  • Staying close to attractions can be beneficial.  
  • If the hotel is in a noisy street, it can be a nuisance,
  • Ask for a room located away from the road or busy streets.
  • If you’re like me, who hates dark rooms, don’t hesitate to ask for a room with windows. Always check the room size and read the reviews, as some images can be misleading.
  • What are the Transport options available?
  • Accommodation prices are lower during off-peak – and shoulder season.
  • Inadequate accommodation can ruin a vacation.
  • Ask about Coffee facilities and a Hair dryer.
  • Air conditioning or a fan?
  • Private bathroom facilities?
  • Book in advance is mostly cheaper, and look out for last-minute deals
  • Avoid free cancellation places, but ask for your credit card details to take an upfront fee.  

Budget-conscious Travelers

  • Rather stay in a good but less expensive hotel and spend your money on doing things?
  • Opt for a less fancy room, as you’ll only sleep there anyway.
  • Self-catering units will save you a lot.  
  • If you want to book a hostel but want privacy, most hostels offer private rooms with private bathrooms.
  • Most hostels have a communal kitchen, where you can prepare meals, including a fridge.
  • Most hotels and hostels include breakfast if requested.

Free Cancellation Bookings

I highly recommend you book a free cancellation option. That way, you can always cancel your booking should your plans change or you find something better. That is why we prefer to Use And always read the fine print (terms and conditions) even if you opt for a ‘free cancellation’ booking so you don’t get any surprises.

For The Very Best Accommodation Options & Specials

With No reservation costs and the best rates as well as frequent specials.

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