Absolutely! I used to believe blogs were online journals where teenagers share personal information and photos with their family and friends. Instead, a blog is a regularly updated website where a business or person shares valuable information and solves readers’ problems. Although a Career as a Blogger sounds incredible, you need much more than a laptop and network to succeed in Blogging as a Profession. In this article, I guide you on how to start a professional blog and the benefits of a Blogging career. Learn where you can sign up for one of the Best free blogging courses created by one of the top blogs in the World.

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The Benefits of a Career as a Blogger

Live Your Passion

Let’s look at what it means to live your Passion. First, blogging as a profession can be very satisfying when writing about your Passion. Besides, doing something you love will make you happy and not feel like work. Even more, if you are getting paid for what you love doing.

Learn and Develop New Skills

As long as you are prepared to work hard by putting in many hours,  you will be amazed at what you can master. Besides building a website, you will learn Graphic design, photo-editing, copywriting, and Search Engine Optimization also, how to use social media to your benefit and monetize a blog. Nowadays, there is enormous free, user-friendly software to help you make things easier.

Work Remotely

You can run your business blog from anywhere worldwide if you have the internet. With all the new skills you’ve mastered, you can advertise your skills and get paid as a freelancer. Even if you decide later that Blogging as a Career is not for you, you can either make a career change. Altogether add more skills to your CV.

Blogging coach working remotely on the beach
Blogging coach working remotely on the beach

Earn income as a Blogger

To make money from your site, you must first ensure your site gets a lot of traffic. People need to visit your website to know what you offer. When you have a passion for what you do, you will be more creative, and the chances of success when Blogging as a profession are inevitable. Read how I blog remotely on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I blog about?

You can blog about practically anything in the blogging game. But, to succeed in your blogging career, you must be passionate about your work. At the same time, it is essential to evaluate what interests you have, and what motivates you. The following questions will help you in the right direction. Moreover, this guide is the first step towards your successful blogging journey and perhaps Blogging as a career.

How will people find my Blog?

By being creative and creating new content, you will get inspired by your ideas and grow your website. Consumers will find you while searching the net for ideas and inspiration. So start in the right direction, follow the easy process, and get your Blog up and running quickly.

Why do some Amature Blogs fail?

Amateur blogs fail most commonly because they don’t post original content. Be consistent in posting quality content regularly.

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What do I Need to Start a Career as a Blogger

  • Laptop or Desktop pc
  • Comfortable chair and desk
  • Notebook and Pen
  • smart-phone or Camera

Do I need a Blogging Camera?

What Cameras do Bloggers use? What is the Best Camera for a blogger?

You don’t have to buy a specific blogging camera when starting your blogging career.

Using your smartphone is perfect for a start. However, if you are looking for blogging cameras that won’t break the bank, here are some of the best cameras for bloggers.

How to decide on the Niche

There is no such thing as the best niche blogs. So what are your Passion and interests?

How to Start a Career as a Blogger

Step-by-Step-Guide on How to Create a Blog for Free?

  • Decide on your Niche,
  • Pick the Perfect Name for Your Blog,
  • Choose the right Hosting Company,
  • Install WordPress, read further and follow the steps to start a blog and Make Money.
  • Learn how to use WordPress,
  • Install Essential Free Plugins,
  • Decide on a Logo using Canva – or ask a Fiverr freelancer to help you.
  • Create essential Pages and a Menu,
  • Start writing Blog Posts,
  • Add Social Media,
  • Building an audience,
  • How to monetize WordPress Blog, use Canva to help you with Pins and Blog Banners.

1. Pick the Perfect Name for Your Business Blog.

The right Blogging Name is super essential and challenging. I suggest you write down a few names and think long and hard before deciding. Keep your Blog-name short and straightforward so people can easily remember your Blog name.

If you’re young and have a Passion for Backpacking, don’t choose something like ‘Teenager Backpacking.’ Besides, you will not be a teenager forever, and the word Backpacking might limit you. So think long-term, as changing the name later isn’t fun. 

“The Art of Simplicity is Genius. 
Simple People see as Simple what Others see as Complex. 
In Classical Hebrew, the words for Simple and Perfect are the Same.
Perfection lies in Simplicity, not in Complexity.
Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.
Moving in the opposite direction takes a touch of genius and courage.” 
–  Albert Einstein

Use the widget below to check if the domain name or any potential Domain names are available.

2. Setting up Hosting with an affordable Hosting Company

Any blog needs to be hosted somewhere. Among the many hosting companies out there, Bluehost is one of the Tops and one of the World’s largest hosting companies. Altogether, they are very affordable and super easy to use.

The good news is that Bluehost agreed to give readers of Adventure Travel Coach a 60% discount when they Sign up Now for the Bluehost Special offer for only $2.95 per month (36-month contract). Setting up your hosting with Bluehost, you’ve taken the first step in the right direction towards a successful blog.

Usually, contract fees are $8.99 per month for a 12-month contract. However, if you sign up now, I’ll direct you to set up your Blog in less than 15 minutes. After that, follow the easy step-by-step Blogging Coach Guide that will take you through each step, and before you know it, you will have a blog launched.

Get Started with the Bluehost Website builder, and click on the Green button below, which will take you to Bluehost Homepage. Then click the get started button to direct you to the Hosting plans.

Pick the right Hosting Plan.

When you’re just starting, I suggest you go for the Basic Plan, seeing you start now. Anyway, you can always upgrade later. Select Basic plan

Set up your Domain

Next is to set up your domain and your website address. Make sure the Name and spelling are correct before you hit next.

Confirm your name, contact details, and chosen Package; next is the Payment information.

Next is the page where you must fill in your name, contact details, and package. Thereupon, complete your payment information, and you’re off to a great start with the Best website hosting for your career as a Blogger.

3. Installing WordPress

After signing up for hosting, install WordPress and choose a password. A self-hosted WordPress account means the WordPress software resides on your hosting Company’s server and not on a Free WordPress account.

4. Decide on a Theme

Bluehost will now ask you to Pick a Theme. Don’t break your head on which one to choose now. Different themes have different features, but this is a placeholder for a start.

Start Building Your WordPress Blog

Now that you’ve chosen a Theme, hit the Start Building button.

Business or Personal use

Then you will be asked whether your site is for business or personal use. Click business if starting a Career as a Blogger. How exciting, you eventually will have a company when making money.

5. Launch your site

Well, you are done! Next, fill in the Name of your site and your Blog-slogan. You can change your Slogan and blog description at any time. Now hit the launch button. Blog taglines are best if it’s striking and short.

4.4. They will ask you if you want to launch. Click Yes, of course.

4.5. Address: click Not now. You don’t want the whole World to know your residential address.

4.6. Next pop-up will ask you if you want to install WooCommerce; click not now. Again, it would help if you build your Blog before thinking of WooCommerce.

Congratulations, You are now the proud owner of your Blog. Next, log into your WordPress site.

6. Learn WordPress

Don’t feel intimidated about WordPress, as Tons of Online Tutorials will teach you whatever you need. Start with the Free Guide from WordPress at the start of your blogging journey. To be successful in Blogging as a Career, you need to learn WordPress.

7. Install Essential Plugins

Plugins give your Blog additional features. Some Plugins are Free, but some are not. You can download Plugins from your WordPress dashboard. Remember to activate it and read the information about settings.

Recommendations for your Blogging Business

  • Sign up for the Ultimate social media plugin. Social media Buttons are essential for people to follow you and share your posts. Choose from 200+ designs and enjoy all their blogging features. It is super easy to install and makes a massive difference to your following, and you can choose between various buttons.
  • Yoast SEO:  Most important for optimizing your articles and making it easy to rank in Google search.
  • Wordfence:  Protect your Blog from Hackers.
  • Akismet:  Protect your Blog from Spammers leaving comments.
  • Updraft-plus: To make a backup.
  • Short-pixel:  Compacting photos is crucial.

Of course, there are many others, but these will get you started.

A professional logo makes your site & brand stand out from the thousands of other blogs. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Why not Hire an affordable Fiverr freelancer to help you with your Professional Blogging Journey?

9. Create essential Pages

First impressions are significant. People will read your Blog on your Home Page and explain why they should subscribe and follow you!

Your About Page tells people what you like (or dislike) and what interests you. Let your readers know who you are and what motivates you, and explain what made you start a blog. After reading your about page, a person must feel they know you and perhaps can associate with you.

Blog Page for your Articles/Posts: A Blog Page is where people will find all your Posts, Articles, Guides, or whatever your Blog offer.

Create a Contact page where people can contact you. Then there is a Privacy page and GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent and Notice. Finally, decide where you want to show your main Menu. Then there is Grammarly which helps a great deal with grammar, punctuation errors and enhances vocabulary usage.

10.  Write your First Blog Post

  • Don’t rush writing blog posts, and remember to install Grammarly.
  • Make sure the images you use good-quality photos.
  • Use a free image resize tool to resize and compress your images before uploading them to your media library.

11.  Implement Social Media

Social media Buttons are essential for people to follow you and share your posts.

12. Sign up for a Free Blogging Course

Blogging can be overwhelming, especially all the technical stuff. Investing in the best blogging course will save a lot of frustration, time, and money.

See below two Successful Bloggers, Tom and Anna, who built a Successful Blog in only two years while travelling the World. Why don’t you join them for a free course?

Reasons Why You Need a Support System

Becoming a professional blogger is more complicated than it seems. Not only do you have to learn a lot of technical stuff, but also how to implement SEO.

If you are prepared to work hard, you will be amazed at what you can master.

Interact with other bloggers and become an active member of the Blogging community. They know how difficult it is and go through the same ups and downs. Interacting with them will motivate you, and you can learn from each other in the long run.

13. Building an Audience

Your first readers and followers will most probably be Family and Friends. If not, don’t let that bother you; we all started that way. However, to begin making money from your Blog, you need to have a much larger audience than just Family and Friends.

You cannot rely solely on friends and family to support your Blog; Some family and friends are either not interested or don’t want to give you any support, although they spent hours on Facebook.

When blogging as a profession, you want to make a good impression; therefore, no grammar and spelling mistakes. To help you with this, sign up for Grammarly. Again, you want to make a good impression and learn.

It takes time to grow traffic, so focus on building your audience first and not making money immediately. Then, your traffic will automatically increase by providing valuable and original content.

14. How to Monetize Your WordPress Blog

To succeed in your professional Blogging career, you must Monetize your WordPress Blog. Then, after a few months, you can contact Affiliates to advertise their products. You earn a small commission if someone uses your link and buy their product.

How much traffic does a website need to make money? According to statistics, the conversion rate is about 1-3%. You can read more on the subject on Robbenmedia.

Affiliates Rules

To succeed in your blogger career, you will need Affiliates. You must adhere to many rules in your Blogging Profession, like displaying a commission disclaimer.

When someone signs up through an affiliate link, the affiliated Company will pay you a small commission provided they don’t cancel within a certain period.

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