Should I start an Online Business?

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The global pandemic turned every person’s world around; lockdowns, social distancing, and staying at home forced us to stay home. All this causes online businesses to strive, and more and more people are considering starting an online shop or Business. After reading this article, you will know if you must register your online Business in South Africa.

Statistics showed that the e-commerce market in South Africa is estimated to reach the 4m US $ mark by 2021. Although there are different online businesses in South Africa, not all require registering with the Intellectual Property Commission CIPC.

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Digital online Business

How to Start an online business

First, it is essential to determine what type of Business you are looking to own. Secondly, you have to look at the regulations associated with every interaction. Follow these Steps to start a business blog. Not sure. Let’s look at some online business ideas.

Top 12 Online Business Opportunities

There are more than ever great opportunities for online businesses in South Africa. The online business opportunities are endless, whether you are considering doing it full-time or part-time.

Best Businesses to Start in South Africa & the Rest of the World

Let’s look at some of the best ideas for small businesses in South Africa and the world. Altogether, how to start an online store in South Africa.

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

More and more businesses utilize the services of virtual assistants. You pay the assistant for a specific task you request or by the hour. That way, you save on costs. Moreover, you pay the assistant for precisely what they’re doing instead of paying someone a monthly salary while they chat on their cellphone or handle their issues. Moreover, you don’t need to deal with sick leave or other issues a person has to deal with for full-time employees.

2. Cleaning services

To establish a well-organized cleaning service, you need reliable staff and supervision. In addition, you need to appoint cleaners who know what they’re doing and take pride in their work. So why not start a cleaning service online business in South Africa?

3. Freelance writing

Firstly you need to have writing skills, and spelling is critical. Although Grammarly is there to help you, could you make sure to make a spectacle of yourself even trying to write an article for a magazine or whoever, if you’re capable? Poor writing won’t get you anywhere and will ruin your reputation. Therefore you should check out Fiverr, where you can get help to start your online business.

4. Start a Home-stay Online Business

Another popular option is looking after people’s houses while they are away. You can charge a higher rate when animals are involved, mainly if your fee includes walking the dogs and looking after people’s homes while out. Moreover, you can charge more if they expect you to water the garden and clean the Pool. Altogether feed the animals.  

5. Animal walkies

The general problem is that some Pet owners don’t have the time or energy to walk their dogs. However, their four-legged friends do need exercise to stay happy and healthy. You can arrange for a full-time or part-time contract. Some people might need this only when they’re away on holiday, whereas others want a full-time service.

6. Garden and Pool services

Many homeowners don’t have the time or energy to maintain their Pools. Remember if you use your equipment or those of the homeowner and the maintenance.

7. Personal assistant

.A personal assistant can mean a lot of things. Either they can help you sort out your paperwork and filing or help you with various other office tasks, including attending to emails.

8. Graphic designing / Websites

Creating a website needs skills, and you want to make a good impression. Therefore, get a qualification and all the technical knowledge that goes with it before advertising.

9. Social Media Marketing

.All online businesses need social marketing, and not everyone has the skills or the time. To succeed, a person needs to know much about social media and how it works. Moreover, have writing skills. If you don’t see what you’re doing, you won’t succeed.

10. Rental/Property management

All Property rental or selling entails advertisement and marketing skills. Either you need to find occupants for owners or find buyers. Rental means you must do regular inspections, collect rent and pay it to the owner. Therefore, you need to be registered as it’s a big responsibility. 

11. Online seller

Most people prefer to avoid crowds and long lines by shopping online with people’s busy lives. In addition, buying online makes everything easier. All this is because there are so many benefits to shopping online.

12. Build a successful blog

Read Anna and Tom’s story to build your successful blog and make money. You can book your seat for a free online training session right here!

Determine if you need to register.

Although there are different online businesses in South Africa, not all require registering with the Intellectual Property Commission CIPC. After reading this article, you will know if you must register your online Business in South Africa.

Type of Business

The Kind or type of Business plays a role as Sole Proprietors and small companies, and informal traders and Spaza shops don’t need to register with the CIPC. Altogether, it is crucial to look at specific business regulations. Companies that aim to become official brands must register with the CIPC.

  • Do you aim to be an official Brand Company or not?
  • Determine the Income of Your Online Business.

Secondly, the income-generating will determine if you need to register with the South African Revenue Service or SARS during the past tax year. Therefore before you start, you need to know what type of Business you are looking to start and what regulations are required.   

  • Name of your Company or Business
  • First, check which names are available.

Different Types of Entities and Businesses

Should your Business be one of the entities that need to be registered, you might want to know where to start. The difference between a registered business and a sole proprietor is that your finances and business income are equal.

Close Corporation

Registering a Close Corporation, CC, or large Company will mean that you won’t be held liable for any debt in your capacity. 

  • Two Sectors

The Companies Act divides larger registered businesses into profit companies and non-profit companies. I recommend you check the South African Companies Act 2008 for an updated and complete breakdown of their regulations and rules. Now that you know which way you are heading, you need to take the following steps:

Sole Proprietor

First, any Sole Proprietor must register with SARS as a provisional taxpayer. To note, SARS requires the following documents (certified and not older than three months):

  1. South African identity document.
  2. Proof of your residential address.
  3. Verification of Bank account.

CIPC Company Registration

Are you looking to register with the CIPC directly? You can register your Business online on the CIPC Website or use any registered financial institution. The financial institution can be your auditor or any registered Bank in your country, such as FNB, Nedbank, Capitec, Investec, African Bank, or ABSA.

Woman at pool working on her computer on online business in South Africa
Woman at pool working on her Online business

Register an Online Business in South Africa.

South African legislation required registration within 60 days with SARS using an ITT77 form. I suggest using a service like TAXTIM to make everything easy for yourself. It is easy to use and will provide you with all the updated legislation. This way, you know that your online business stays within the law. Now that you know, you can start your online Business, which is easy. Look at Bluehost as your provider, and another option is Wix.

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Woman starting an online business

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