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Group hikers on the Vasbyt Hiking Trails Limpopo

The Waterberg is a unique and scenic bushveld region in the Limpopo province of South Africa. It is one of the ten UNESCO biosphere reserves in the country. Covering an impressive area of over 15,000 square kilometres and is known as Thata Meetse in the Sotho language. The region boasts awe-inspiring mountains, rock formations, gorges, and several mesmerizing mountain streams. All this is home to the popular Vasbyt Hiking Trail.

The Waterberg, with its beautiful natural bushveld and popular Limpopo hiking trails, is a haven for lovers of nature. The heart of the Waterberg mountains is an idyllic spot for a family weekend getaway. The heart of the Waterberg mountains is an idyllic spot for a family weekend getaway. Besides immersing yourself in the serenity of the fresh mountain air, fauna, flora, and natural surroundings, admire the birdlife. As night falls, gather around a bushveld fire, listen to the sounds of wildlife, and gaze at the star-studded sky.

Naboomspruit Hiking Trails

Mookgopong, or Naboomspruit as it’s also known, is home to absolutely stunning hiking trails, perfect for anyone who loves nature and exercise. These trails are a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and offer the ideal opportunity to get in shape and prepare for longer hikes. Not to mention, the scenery is simply breathtaking, with serene bushveld landscapes, crystal-clear mountain streams, and picturesque river pools. And the best part? You’ll likely have these trails all to yourself without encountering other humans.

Hiking the Vasbyt Trail in Limpopo

What is the Vasbyt Hiking Trail?

The popular Vasbyt trail is a two-day challenging hiking trail through the African Bushveld with climbs, downhills, and river pools. Why would I recommend the Vasbyt Hiking Trail? The Vasbyt hike is challenging but not overly strenuous. There are a few downhills besides a few steep climbs up the mountain slopes. Besides that, the 2-day Vasbyt Trail is an excellent option if you are looking to prepare for a longer hiking trail.

What to Expect Hiking the Vasbyt Trail: On the 2-day Vasbyt Trail, you can expect to see some wildlife like baboons, bushpigs, and birdlife. Although the trail markers may not be very noticeable, the stunning river pools and breathtaking views make up for the rough patches. I recommend starting the hike early to arrive at the overnight hut in time for a shower and to witness the stunning sunset.

Group of Hikers on the Vasbyt Limpopo Hiking Trail
Our group on the Vasbyt Limpopo Hiking Trail
  • Day 1: On the first day of the hike, the trail climbs steeply up the lower mountain slopes until it evens out on a plateau with a beautiful view. You will circle under the cliffs during the hike and head up again via a rock gap. The descent to the stone overnight hut is achieved with ropes. A steep descent with ropes to assist you is at a certain point further up the mountain. You’ll eventually reach the overnight hut with a beautiful view over the escarpment below. The flat roof is also accessible by a flight of stairs with lovely views over the valley.
  • Day 2: On the second and last day of the hike, you’ll encounter a fair amount of climbing. Hiking past a water stream and pools with beautiful surroundings before reaching the lower mountain slopes. After a refreshing shower, we enjoyed a cool beverage while watching the sunset over the untouched wilderness. We gathered around the fire, enjoying African barbeque (chops and boerewors). Along with that, sandwiches made with tomato, onion, and cheese (South African braaibroodjies), roasted on the fire). Thereafter, we had good Coffee while immersing ourselves in the symphony of the night. It was indeed a memorable experience!

Vasbyt Hiking Trail Overnight Accommodation

Although the hut is small, one has all the necessities like a toilet, a shower with hot water from the ‘donkey’, and beds. The best part was stepping out to the barbeque area with a breathtaking view of the Valley. There is a grill and basic cooking utensils for a nice barbeque dinner.

When hiking, it’s important to be well-prepared and pack all the essential items. This will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend you use the following to not only assist you but also ensure you remember everything.

Quick Information and FAQ
  • Comprehensive Hiking Checklist
  • Best Snacks to take on a Hike, along with easy DIY recipes.
  • Where is Vasbyt Trail? The Vasbyt Trail is on the Jozette Farm outside Mookgopong.
  • Vasbyt Trail difficulty and duration: Easy to Moderate 18 km circle route over 2 days.
  • When is the best time to hike the Vasbyt Trail? The best time to tackle the Vasbyt hiking trail is in the winter months, between May and July.
  • Do I need Hiking boots? Wear sturdy shoes that support your ankles. Bringing a medical kit with moleskin and plenty of plasters is an excellent idea to treat any possible blisters.
  • What clothing do I pack for Limpopo? Wear light, breathable clothing on the hike and avoid T-shirts. Most importantly, don’t forget to pack a sunhat and sun protection, considering how hot it can get in Limpopo.
  • What snacks should I take? Keep your energy up with the right Pitstop food.
  • Booking for Vasbyt Trail? Contact Anvie Adventures at +27 (012) 662-0586 to make a booking.
  • Fueling up with the right food is Important

How to Get to the Vasbyt Trail

The closest town to the Vasbyt hiking trail is Mookgopong, formerly known as Naboomspruit. From Naboomspruit, the farm is easily reached by car. There are busses from the main cities to Naboomspruit, although you still have to travel from town to the farm. For that, I recommend Car Rental with Discover Cars. Besides being worldwide, you need to rent a car from a reliable company. Several buses also travel to and from Mookgopong with Intercape and Citiliner Plus. From Pretoria to Mookgopong by bus takes about 2 hours and 50 minutes. Travelling from Polokwane to Mookgopong, it will takeabout 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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Other Limpopo Africa Hiking Options

Serendipity Hiking Trails

About 140 km from Pretoria in the Mookgopong district lies the serene Tierkloof private game farm, where hiking- and mountain bike trails are set over 2,000 hectares of the African bushveld. Besides gorges and valleys with mountain streams and clear water rock pools, several games have abundant birdlife.

Hangklipberg Trail & Skeurkrans Hiking Trails

The Hangklipberg Trail starts in Mookgopong from where one sets off to the farm where the 16km circular route hike is actually based. Besids the stunning rock formations, enjoy the bushveld and mountain scenery. The Skeurkrans Hiking Trails are also situated in the heart of the Hanglipberg region in the Waterberg Mountains close to Mookgopong.

South Africa hiking trails Bokpoort Pass

  • The Kingfisher Hide is a multi-use Limpopo hiking trail near Mookgophong.
  • Hangklipberg Trail, formerly the Boskloof Trail, is a 16 km circular route. This moderately challenging route will take just under 5 hours to complete.

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