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Mpumalanga Waterfalls South Africa

Mpumalanga is one of South Africa’s most biodiverse regions, with many attractions and astounding natural gems. Planning a trip to Mpumalanga can be challenging, with many treasures to explore. Many tourist attractions like the famous Kruger Park and the River Canyon focus on the Canyon or nearby National Park but often overlook these natural wonders, the Mpumalanga Waterfalls. Don’t miss out; explore the best waterfalls in Mpumalanga.

So, take a weekend road trip and explore the enchanting Mpumalanga waterfalls along the Sabie Waterfalls Route to experience Mpumalanga’s hidden gems. You are following the scenic Sabie Waterfall Route, encompassing eight of the province’s waterfalls along a 50km route along the R532. This way, you’ll see seven of the finest Waterfalls, all well-sign-posted.

One of the best Mpumalanga Waterfalls on Sabie waterfall route South Africa #panoramaroute #waterfallroute
One of the best Mpumalanga Waterfalls on Sabie waterfall route South Africa #panoramaroute #waterfallroute

Mpumalanga Waterfalls

The Mpumalanga Waterfalls are perfect for day trips among locals and visitors, and in this article, you will find information on each of the waterfalls in Mpumalanga. Travelling the Sabie Waterfalls Route is a great way to explore the waterfalls. Besides the Sabie Falls, admire staggering forests, crystal clear mountain streams, and scenic valleys.

How to get to the Waterfalls in Mpumalanga

Follow the Sabie Waterfalls Route by taking the R532 from Sabie, heading North, and connecting via the R36 and, later, the R37. You can then later rejoin the R532 Southeast of Sabie. Three of the waterfalls southwest of Sabie are grouped close together, and if you’re short on time, visit at least these three. The best is to overnight in Sabie, then head North from Sabie as mentioned. Look out for the Horseshoe, Lone Creek, and Bridal Veil Falls Sabie signposts.

Bridal Veil Falls #Romanticgetawayfor couples

Horseshoe Falls

The attractive Horseshoe Falls, with water cascading down on either side of a vast cliff, falls like a horseshoe when reaching the water below. You will get to Lone Creek Falls, which is nearby.

The Bridal Veil Falls

Deriving its name Bridal Veil Waterfall as the delicate sheer of water reminds one of the translucent veils of a bride.

The Mpumalanga waterfalls tour will lead you to the beautiful Bridal Veil waterfalls, 6 km outside Sabie. The path that leads to the falls accompanies an uphill climb but is worth the effort.

For those of you who like hiking and are up for a challenge, this is your chance. hallenges hiking, then is close to the famous Fanie Botha Hiking Trail’s Ceylon Hut.

Lone Creek Falls

The long, narrow drop of water makes Lone Creek Falls one of the most beautiful. You don’t have to walk far this time as it’s about 200 m from the parking bay. A stunning viewpoint awaits you at the base of the falls.  

Twin Mac Mac Waterfalls

Further North, you will get to the Mac Mac Falls, which derives its name from Scottish miners who sought their fortune during the Gold rush in 1870. Regarded as the most enchanting Waterfall at the Mac Mac River, the twin Mac Mac waterfalls plunge 70 m into the ravine below. Near the falls, look for the Secretary Bird Trail to observe the bird species such as the Cuckoo and Secretary bird. A great idea is to have a Picnic at the Pools nearby after you visit the waterfalls.

  • Mac Mac Pools hike a 3km circular route.
  • Pack a Picnic basket with refreshments.
Waterfall in Mpumalanga #Sabie Waterfall #south-africa-waterfall
Waterfall in Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga Graskop Waterfalls

Forest Falls

As its name derives, the Adventurous Forest waterfall is nestled profoundly in the forest and is the only Mpumalanga waterfall that is wider than high. Expect an adventurous hike through fragrant pine forests along a stream down to the Graskop waterfall. The good news is that dogs are welcome and may even be off-leash in most areas. The Forest Falls hike is a leisurely to moderate hike. Some parts can be slippery when wet, so wear sturdy shoes.

  • A 4.3 km circular route (out-and-back).
  • Forest Falls hike difficulty: moderate hike that entails some climbing
  • 18 km from Sabie en route to Graskop.
  • Sturdy shoes, hat, swimming costume, and sunscreen.
  • Water and refreshments.
  • Poo bags for your furry friend.

Berlin Falls

The mesmerizing Berlin Falls is the highest Waterfall in Mpumalanga and forms part of the Blyde River Canyon, with water cascading down an 80m tall sheer cliff. Its shape is like that of a giant candle with a narrow channel at the top, like the wick of a candle, with water fanning out as it drops into the pool below. The Berlin Waterfalls were named during the Gold Rush many years ago when miners named them after their home countries or towns.

Visitors to Berlin Falls can explore the area on foot, picnic around the Waterfall, and enjoy cooling off in the water pools at the Waterfall’s base. Furthermore, the region is a bird’s haven and home to the endemic Blyde River Protea. The Berlin Waterfalls were named by European miners who named the falls after their hometown. Don’t forget to bring a picnic basket, as the Berlin Mpumalanga Waterfall is ideal for picnicking with ample shade.

Maria Shires Falls

The small, lesser-known Maria Shires Falls is located between Graskop and Sabie and is one of the Mpumalanga Waterfalls, where one can enjoy a picnic and go for a short hike. It is a more private spot and ideal for a romantic picnic. Maria Shires Waterfall was named by Sir Joseph Brooke Shires, whose mother was Maria. Joseph Shires pioneered forestry in the Sabie region in the 1800’s.

His extended family was also instrumental in the spheres of local mining and timber, which remains a central part of the heritage of this area. When his mother died, he placed her grave near the Waterfall. While on your way, visit the grave on the scenic Mpumalanga’s Panorama Route.

The Lisbon Falls

The dramatic Lisbon Waterfalls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in South Africa, with water cascading over the craggy canyon walls before plunging 94 meters (308 ft) in two distinct streams. Named by Portuguese miners in 1800, the Lisbon Waterfalls is one of the top attractions in Mpumalanga. It is the tallest Waterfall in Mpumalanga, falling 94 m into the gorge below. The Lisbon Waterfalls are only 3 km south of the Verlin Waterfalls on the Lisbon River near Graskop in Mpumalanga.

Kadishi Tufa Waterfall

Besides being one of the few living Tufa Waterfalls in the World, the rare Kadishi Tufa waterfall in Mpumalanga is the second-highest. Few people who overshadow the Majestic Blyde River Canyon know about the rare Kadishi Tufa Waterfall, which drops 200 meters. It forms part of the Canyon structure at 200 meters (660 ft).

What is a Tufa Waterfall?

After millions of years, the Tufa waterfall forms when water runs over dolomite rock, whereafter, the stone absorbs calcium and deposits rock formations more rapidly. Finally, they erode the surrounding rock. With its striking resemblance, the rock face of the Waterfall bears to be weeping, resembles the drops of water in tears. You can experience this fantastic Tufa South Africa waterfall by visiting the Waterfalls in Mpumalanga.

Mpumalanga Hiking Trails

Besides Hiking the Mpumalanga waterfalls, the Mpumalanga region offers some of the best hiking trails in the Country.

the Mpumalanga Waterfalls hikes

  • Short Kadishi-Tufa Trail: approx. 1 hour
  • Guinea Fowl Trail: approx. 3 hours
  • The Lourie Trail: approx. 3 hours
  • Leopard Trail: approx. 3 hours
  • Maria Shires Short 3 km hike
  • The Mac Mac Pools 3 km hike
  • Forest Falls Nature Walk 4 km
  • Fanie Botha Hiking Trail

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get to the Sabie Waterfall Route? Drive north on the R532 from Sabie.
  • What to Pack for a Day-hike: Pack a daypack with sufficient water, snacks, and trail food.
  • Other necessities: Hat, Sunscreen, Costume, lip balm, hiking towel-optional, Sturdy shoes.
  • Where to Stay: B&Bs, Guesthouses, hotels, self-catering accommodations, Campsites, and Caravan Parks.
  • Sabie tourism: email: [email protected]

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