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Fethiye beaches, Kaputas Kas Turkey Beach

Fethiye’s long summers, Mediterranean climate, and turquoise waters make Fethiye on Turkey’s Sunshine Coast one of the best summer holiday destinations. Moreover, there are an array of amazing things to do around Fethiye. Part of the Dalaman region, Fethiye is located in the Mugla Province on Turkey’s southwest Coast. To assist you in choosing where it is best to lay your towel, I share with you my favourite Fethiye Beaches as well as the best Beaches near Fethiye.

Fethiye Beaches

Oludeniz Beaches

With its picturesque turquoise and emerald waters, Oludeniz Beach, also called the Blue Lagoon, offer several watersports and other activities. Olüdeniz beach became a recognizable Turkey image to millions of people when the beach was announced as the World’s most beautiful beach. As the most photographic beach in the world, Postcards with images of the picturesque beach and its turquoise waters were seen everywhere.

Besides, famous for the world’s best Paragliding from Babadag mountain. Furthermore, Olüdeniz is a lovely coastal town with many cosy shops, restaurants, and bars lined up along the Beach where one can relax and admire the views and Paragliders coming over. On the Oludeniz map, Oludeniz is a small beach resort in the Fethiye district on the Mediterranean Turquoise coastline in southwestern Turkey. Oludeniz nerede? Türkiye’nin güney batısında, Akdeniz turkuaz sahil şeridinde Fethiye yakınlarında bir kasaba.

Oludeniz Blue lagoon Fethiye beach
Oludeniz Blue lagoon Fethiye beach

How to get to Fethiye Turkey Beaches

Fethiye is easily reached by air, road and by sea. One can fly to Dalaman, which is the closest Airport to Fethiye. From the airport, one can take a shuttle or rent a car to get around.

  • The distance from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye town is 45.3 km, and the journey via the D400 takes about 48 minutes by car. Turkish Airlines and some Fethiye Beach hotels do offer free shuttle services.
  • Travelling by bus can take up to 2.15 hours, depending on the stops.
  • Ferries between Greece and Fethiye are available during summertime via Rhodes Ports.
  • The shortest travel distance between Kas and Fethiye is 106 km.

Kidrak beach 

Located only 2 kilometres from Oludeniz, the beautiful Kidrak Beach Turkey is on a small straight coastline inside the Kidrak National Park Oludeniz. Surrounded by scenic cliffs, the white-pebbled strand of Kidrak Beach gets quite busy during peak season. Amenities include a snack bar, toilets, and barbeque facilities. It is also known as Paradise Beach and an ideal Faralya beach (Faralya plajı) for those looking for tranquillity, as no music is allowed. Its clear, azure blue waters are perfect for snorkelling, swimming, surfing, Kayaking, and paragliding.

How to get to Kidrak Beach?

Only 2 km southeast of Oludeniz, Kidrak Beach is easily reached by road or boat. The Kidrak National Park is accessed via the D 400.

Kumburnu Plaji Beach

The rocky Kumburnu Plaji Fethiye Beach is within the Oludeniz Natural Park at the split end that separates the Fethiye Beaches Blue Lagoon from Ölüdenis. Only 14 km from Fethiye and easily reached by road (Car, bus or Dolmus (taxi). Entrance to the Kumburnu beach is free. Its shallow water makes it a favourite among families; however, it gets very crowded. The views at sunset are magnificent. Kumburnu public beach amenities: Toilets, Loungers and Umbrellas to rent, and eateries include the Kumburnu Cafe. Unfortunately, they’re known to be very pricey. I guess one pays for the views and blue flag status.

Couple on St Nicolas Island at sunset Lycian Coast
Us at Sunset, St Nicolas Island Lycian Coast

Gemiler beach

The pebble Fethiye beach of Gemiler is located on Gemiler Island, mainly known as St. Nicholas Island. It is surrounded by olive- and pine trees and church ruins of the Byzantine period. Besides, one of the most popular spots to watch the sunset is on St. Nicolas Island; its historical ruins make the perfect background for those Instagram photos at sunset. While we were there, a few goats were roaming around. Below is Johan and me on the famous St. Nicolas Island.

Çalış beach

The 4-kilometre-long charming Calis beach is in the heart of Fethiye, with a magnificent view over the Taurus Mountains. Calis Fethiye Beach is near restaurants and bars and is excellent for swimming and sunbathing. Located only 7 km outside Fethiye and 45 km from Dalaman Airport.

Butterfly Valley Beach

The Butterfly Beach (Kelebekler Vadisi) is an inhabited beach in Fethiye that was discovered in 1990 by Turkish hippies and is still a hippy beach hang-out place today. Butterfly Fethiye Beach derives its name from 105 butterfly species native to the Valley, although now one will be very fortunate to see any butterflies. Discovered in 1990 by Turkish hippies, Butterfly Bay Beach is surrounded by natural cliffs with lush vegetation that spans 86,000 sqm. The best things to do at Fethiye Butterfly Valley, Turkey, is to enjoy Fethiye Beach, nature, and walk up to the waterfall.

FAQs and Butterfly Valley Facts

  • Why is there a lack of butterflies? Sadly, the Butterfly numbers declined due to human infiltration, their activities and pollution, as in many other areas of the World.
  • The best time to visit Butterfly Valley is undoubtedly early morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds on Butterfly Fethiye beach. Unfortunately, some tourists arrive to have parties playing loud music.
  • Can I Overnight at Butterfly Valley? Yes, Butterfly Valley Turkey Camping facilities lately include Glamping facilities.
  • How long is Butterfly Valley? It is about a two-mile loop.
  • Amenities at Butterfly Valley include toilets and a Beach Bar.
How to get to Butterfly Valley, Turkey

For the Best Experience, Book a Fethiye Boat trip to the Butterfly Valley and discover the beauty of the Blue Cave and other picturesque bays, or hike from Fethiye to the Valley.

Kelebekler Vadisi Beach Fethiye #TurkeyButterfly ValleyFethiye beach
Kelebekler Vadisi Beach Fethiye #TurkeyButterfly ValleyFethiye beach

Kas Fethiye Beaches

Kaputas beach

The famous Kaputas Beach (Kaputaş plajı in Turkish) lies in a small bay between the tiny Fishing Villages of Kaş and Kalkan. What makes this one of Kas Beaches so special is the enormous Rock formations from where one has a breathtaking view over the Beach and surroundings. To get to the beautiful beach, one has to climb a long flight of steps that leads to the Beach, but it’s all worth the energy. Besides swimming and sunbathing, Kas Kaputas Beach is famous for diving.

How to get to Kaputas Beach?

  • Kas to Kaputas Beach: Located about 18 km west of Kas, the best way to get to Kaputas or a nearby Kas Beach, Turkey, is to hire a car. By Dolmus from the Kas Otogar. The Otogari (bus station) is located at Ataturk Blvd on the corner of Ugur Mumcu Cd.
  • Fethiye to Kaputas Beach: Driving Via D400 on the main road from Fethiye Beach to Kalkan, Kaputas Beach is just off the main road – 1 hr 10 min (84.6 km).

Big Pebble Beach (Büyük Çakıl Plajı)

The shallow Big Pebble Beach (Buyuk Cakil) is about 1 km from Kas town. It is a leisurely walk along the Marina, about 600m past small Pebble Beach. The Bay are very popular amongst families with children due to its calm, shallow water. Besides that, the pleasant crystal-clear water is perfect for snorkelling. Amenities include Cafes, sun beds and umbrellas, and toilets. 

Little Pebble Beach (Küçük Çakıl Plajı)

Located 400m southeast of the main square in Kas, the small Pebble Beach (Kucuk Cakil beach) resembles a miniature valley that opens in a V-shape towards the sea. The beach cove is about 5m wide and covered with small pebbles and shingles. About 10 minutes away are two famous Clubs within walking distance. The Cinarlar Beach Club and the Derya Beach Club offer free sunbeds and Umbrellas, providing you with ordering snacks or drinks from the club. 

Beaches Near Fethiye

Patara Beach Turkey

Patara Beach Turkey

With its turquoise water and limestone peaks against the Taurus mountains, one can easily understand why Patara Beach was recognized by The Sunday Times as the best Beach in Europe. Altogether, Times Online also voted Patara in Türkiye as one of the top beaches in the World.

The golden sand, the 18-kilometre-long Patara Beach is Turkey’s second-longest Beach. In the Village of Gelemiş, Patara sits between Kaş and Fethiye. As an underdeveloped Kalkan Beach, it is an ideal Loggerhead turtle breeding ground.

How to Get to Patara Beach

The sandy beach of Patara, Turkey, is a mere 10 kilometres west of Kalkan, 42km from Kas and about 74 km to Fethiye. Fethiye to Patara

Fethiye to Patara: The Bati Antalya Tur bus departs every 4 hours and takes about 1 hour and 16 minutes (75₺ – 160₺). Car or Dolmus from Otogar to Patara Beach will take about 1 hour.

Patara Beach entrance fee is 340₺ unless you have a museum card. Although it might seem steep, remember it is a protected area with ancient Roman and Lycian ruins.

Amenities at Patara Beach include Toilets, showers and changing rooms. The entrance fee does not include the use of Sunbeds and umbrellas. Eateries: Patara Beach Cafe; others nearby are Ayse Pancake House Patara and Aspendos Restoran.

Kabak beach

The tranquil, untainted paradise of Kabak Cove was discovered only in 1987. Surrounded by nature, the tiny picturesque Kabak Koyu Beach is scattered with fine pebbles against the blue crystal clear ocean and far away from everywhere else. Faralya Kabak Koyu is a quaint village on the western Mediterranean Coast, 6 kilometres from Faralya Turquie.

Picturesque Kabak Fethiye Beach in Turkey is only 2 kilometres from Butterfly Valley and 25 kilometres from Fethiye on the Lycian Way. The 535-kilometre Lycian Way is one of the best long-distance walking routes in the World. Starting from Fethiye, the route goes via Babadag onto Faralya before going down to the clear blue waters of Kabak Bay. Besides the beautiful cove, there are activities such as boat trips, water sports, camping and accommodation facilities.

How to get to Kabak Koyu?

  • One can get to Kabak Bay by taking one of the Faralya minibuses (dolmuş) that depart from Oludeniz or Fethiye. From Fethiye beaches onto Kabak beach, passing through Ölüdeniz and Faralya (Butterfly Valley).
  • Another way is by boat from one of the nearby bays.

Kuleli beach

The beautiful Kuleli Beach is located in the picturesque Keciler Mahallesi. Due to its shallow waters, it is one of the scenic Beaches in Fethiye, especially among families with children. Although the entrance fee of 200 TL per person is steep, Kuleli Beach Fethiye boasts about its pristine environment and high service levels. A remote beach is just around the corner for those who prefer privacy.

At Sunset, Kuleli Beach lits up with an energetic atmosphere where people enjoy themselves at the beach bar till late. Besides the beach bar and nightclub, amenities include toilets, and umbrellas and sunbeds are available.

How to get to Kuleli Beach?

  • By car, drive along Port Road and continue towards Karagözler for about 3 kilometres, where you’ll see the well-marked Kuleli Bay Beach in Fethiye sign on the right.
  • Take a Dolmus for only 15 Turkish Lira.
  • Catch a picturesque boat ride from the harbour to Kuleli Fethiye Beaches for only 40 TL.
  • From Fethiye to Butterfly Valley by Boat: The Valley is accessible from Fethiye or Olüdeniz on one of the many boat tours or by chartering a yacht from Oludeniz or Fethiye Beach.
  • Mountain Hiking from Faralya Village: Uzunyurt Village, generally known as Faralya Village (Faralya köyü), is amidst a cluster of tiny hamlets high above the Yedi Burun coastline. Faralya Village overlooks the Butterfly Valley Fethiye beach. Experienced hikers can hike down the steep Canyon (dropping from an elevation of 350 m to the bottom). However, remember that the hike to Butterfly Valley is challenging, with few markers.

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Fethiye Beaches Beach Clubs

Located at Kalemya Bay, The Hillside Beach Club offers magnificent sea views. This luxury Fethiye beach club offer two adult-only beaches. On the opposite side, Silent Beach has a no-cellphone rule, and you can find The Help Beach Club in a hidden cave.

Best Places to Stay Near Turkey Fethiye Beaches

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Paragliding at Oludeniz Fethiye Beach Turkey

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