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I was visiting the beautiful Midlands and didn’t know where to eat. After winding along the Picturesque KZN Midlands and exploring charming little towns, one cannot overlook the lovely Midlands restaurants. Besides, there is no better way to spend quality time with loved ones other than enjoying good food together. This is why I’ve compiled The Restaurants in the Midlands Meander Guide, containing the best Midlands Meander restaurants. For the best route to these places, further down is a Midlands Meander Map to Restaurants with the best routes to get there.

Nottingham Brewery restaurant and Pub
Nottingham Brewery Restaurant and Pub

The Best Restaurants in the Midlands Meander

Tumble Downs Café and Restaurant

Visit the Tumble Downs Restaurant to enjoy great food while admiring the panoramic views of the Kamberg and Karkloof Valley. They are known as one of the best restaurants in the Midlands Meander, serving exciting dishes, Tumble Downs’s mouthwatering a la carte menu. In addition to all the delights on their comprehensive menu, they also have a Specials Board with more options.

Aside from inside seating, where they also have a fireplace, they offer outside seating under the trees where one can enjoy your meal with the sound of chirping birds. Other than that, visit Tumbledowns to watch the sunset from the deck while sipping on a cocktail, whereafter you can order a delicious meal from Tumble Downs’s a la carte menu.

Bookings are essential, especially for Friday and Saturday evenings. Their hours of business are as follows: Monday and Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday – Thursday: 11 am – 4 pm, Friday – Saturday: 6 – 10 pm, and Sundays: 11 am – 4 pm. Tumble Downs Restaurant is situated on Curry’s Post Road, only 8 km outside Howick – Contact no.  +27 82 802 2837

For directions to Tumble Downs, see the Midlands Map to the Restaurants further down in this article.

Delicious Lamb basket with veggies
Delicious Lamb basket with veggies
Tasty curry dish at Midlands Meander Restaurant
Tasty Curry

Snooty Fox Restaurant

The quaint Snooty Fox restaurant is in the beautiful little Fern Hill Hotel in the heart of the Midlands Meander. Their unique setting, decor, crystal chandeliers, fresh flowers, and cosy fireplace make them the ideal place for a romantic dinner. Known for its outstanding Cuisine, excellent wines, and sterling service.

This 5-star Award-winning Snooty Fox Midlands Meander Restaurant is known for its large portions of excellent food. They are famous for their delectable steaks, curries, Pork Belly, healthy meals, and a range of vegan dishes. Altogether melt-in-the-mouth gourmet brioche burgers and their selection of delectable desserts. The Snooty Fox is child-friendly, with a special kiddies menu, a play area, and outdoor seating.

Get there early, as the place tends to fill up on popular holidays. They accept credit cards during business hours, usually from 08h00 AM – 11h00 PM. Also, try out the Deli behind the restaurant, only 500 m from the Midmar Dam.

For directions to Snooty Fox, go to the Map further down. Snooty can be contacted at Tel. 033 330 5071

Hartford House

The Award-winning, 5-star exclusive boutique hotel, Hartford House, is one of the Best Midlands restaurants in the Midlands near Mooi River. Harford’s brilliant chef Constantijn Hahndiek develops a new menu every day. Besides serving only first-class wines, they cook only with organically grown fresh products.

With its quaint gardens and classic horses, the tiny boutique hotel and Restaurant in the Midlands forms part of the Summerhill Stud farm. It was no surprise when Hartford House restaurant was rated among the Top 10 Eat-out Awards winners. I cannot describe Hartford House better than Renate in the Travel Ideas Magazine:

A mysterious romance is attached to rainy weather, misty meadows, fireplaces, and red wine. What should be the last bit of summer turns out to be a wintery weekend in the KZN Midlands. We recently meandered the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, exploring accommodation options and enticing activities. Don’t miss out when you’re in the area.” – Renate Engelbrecht.

Hartford’s location: Hlatikulu Road, Mooi River, 3300 – Tel +27 (0) 33 263 1081 

La Lampara Restaurant

Reminiscent of Tuscany, Midlands La Lampara is set in a unique old brick dairy on the lovely Boschfontein Lidgetton farm. Italian La Lampara’s family restaurant boasts about its Italian cooking in the Midlands. On a warm summer’s day, guests enjoy outside seating. In Wintertime or on cold misty days, one can enjoy meals inside beside a big Log fire.

Location: Farm Boschfontein, Lidgetton, South Africa · Tel +27 82 416 0195 

Midlands Restaurants in Nottingham Road

Notties Brewery

On the beautiful Rawdons estate in Nottingham Road, Rawdons is known as the Restaurant on the Midlands Meander for the best naturally brewed ales and lagers.

Notties is also the oldest independently-owned craft brewery in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Visit the famous Notties Brewery o enjoy an ice-cold beer from the Nottingham Road Brewing Company.

Notties Brewery also offers Breakfast, lunch, and dinners and is a recommended restaurant on Nottingham Road. You can contact them on 033 266 6728 or 083 782 8959.

Notties Nottingham Road Restaurant and Pub Midlands
Notties Pub and Restaurant Midlands

Midlands Meander Hotel

The Nottingham Road Hotel

Also known as Notties Hotel and Pub, the Nottingham Road Hotel is a famous landmark and ideally situated in the heart of the Midlands Meander. Guests love the tranquil environment and accommodation in the restored old Country Hotel.

R103 Old Main Road, Nottingham Road, 3280 – Tel. +27 33 266 6151

beautiful thatch Nottingham Road Hotel
The Nottingham Road Hotel and Notties pub

Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Natal Midlands

Bierfassl Restaurant and Pub

The quint Austrian-themed pub was established in 1999 and is famous for its scrumptious Eisbein, homemade Apfel Schnaps, and Apfelstrudel. One of their favourite breakfasts, Tiroler Gröstle, originates from Tyrol, Austria.

They also cater to Vegans and serve other tasty dishes and burgers. Besides local craft beer from the Nottingham brewery, they offer 35 different beers from all over the World. Wine lovers can choose from the Diners Club platinum award-winning wine list. Besides wine, they offer a wide selection of hand-crafted Gins and other drinks.

During wintertime, they have a roaring fireplace and even provide blankets to keep one warm. The Midlands Meander Pet-friendly Bierfassl Restaurant and Pub even have a doggy menu. Oh yeah, before I forget, do yourself a favour and visit their Deli on your way out.

Tel +27 33 266 6320 – They are located at the
Rawdon’s Estate R103 KZN Midlands, Nottingham Road

Bierfazzl Midlands Restaurant
Bierfazzl Midlands Restaurant

The Blueberry Cafe

One big attraction on Nottingham Road is the famous Blueberry Cafe on Nottingham Hill. They are open for Breakfast, lunch, and brunch, and their Blueberry cheesecake is a gastronomic legend. Blueberry Cafe is famous for in-house blueberry gin and rum.

They are Vegetarian Friendly, and besides their Vegan Options, they offer Gluten Free meals. Animal lovers can bring their furry friends to their location on the Netherwood farm, R103, Nottingham Road – Tel +27 033 266 6965.

For directions on How to get to The Blueberry Cafe, see Map of Midlands further down.

Best Midlands Restaurant - Blueberry Cafe's Blueberry Cheesecake
Best Midlands Restaurant – Blueberry Cafe’s Blueberry Cheesecake

The Village Cafè on Nottingham Road

Known as one of the prettiest Cafe and Midlands Meander Restaurants, the Village Cafè on Nottingham Road is a gem you won’t miss. Besides their ambience, they serve great coffee and a wide selection of mouthwatering food.

They are rated as one of the best Midlands restaurants and very popular for their tasty comfort foods like Chocolate croissants, Lemon meringue, Carrotcake, and Cheesecake. The Village Café also offers a selection of breakfasts, vegan dishes, salads, and gluten-free bread. One can order a steaming bowl of tasty soup with freshly baked rolls on misty cold days.

Location: 345 Gowrie Farm Street, Nottingham Road, South Africa, +27 78 158 8158

Post Postino Pizzeria & Sports Bar

Located on Dargle main road, The Italian Postino Pizzeria restaurant, with its relaxing atmosphere, has a bar and also offers outside seating. Post Postion is famous for its delicious thin base style wood-fired oven Pizzas. Post Postino also offers Pasta, Steaks, and a selection of hamburgers. The Pet-friendly Post Postino Midlands Meander Restaurant is Vegetarian Friendly and offers Gluten-free options and salads. Location: D20 Old Main Road Dargle, Midlands, Howick

On how to get to Post Postino Restaurant, follow the Map below – Contact no +27 72 905 9390

Terbodore Cafè KZN Midlands

You cannot leave the Midlands without a visit to Terbodore Cafè and Coffee Roasters. Located in the scenic KwaZulu Natal Midlands, they boast a quaint restaurant, voted one of the best restaurants in Midlands Meander.

Besides the smell of freshly roasted Coffee beans, do not be surprised if Terbodore’s beautiful mascots, the Great Dane Mac, or one of their other canine brand ambassadors come by. Terbodore stays true to its motto that Great Danes symbolise everything they strive for their heritage, courage, patience, and dependability.

Pet-friendly Terbodore offers outside and inside seating. Enjoy their range of freshly baked cakes and light meals. Guests love especially their cinnamon and walnut cheesecake.

The Terbodore Coffee restaurant is at 87 Curry Post Road, Howick. Open hours if from Mondays to Sundays, 08:30 – 04:30. – Contact no. 033 330 2380.

Terbodore Midlands Coffee Roasters Mascot Great Dane lying in Garden
Terbodore Midlands Coffee Roasters

Kids Friendly Midlands Meander Restaurants

Piggly Wiggly Restaurant

Situated on the R103 in the heart of the KZN Midlands, The Piggly Wiggly Country Village is one of the favourite places to visit. Besides the cosy shops, they offer a range of fun activities.

Their wide selection of breakfasts, light meals, pastries, and other dishes, makes Howick Piggly Wiggly one of the most popular and best Restaurants in the Midlands Meander. Although Piggly Wiggly is pet-friendly, dogs must always be on a leash. Piggly

Wiggly Coffee Shop and Restaurant is located at R103 Dargle Road, Howick. On how to get to Piggly Wiggly, follow the Map below. Contact no. +27 60 344 9359

Skye Bistro Restaurant

The Fine-dining Skye Bistro Restaurant is at the award-winning Fordoun Hotel and Spa. Skye Bistro is located near Nottingham Road in the scenic Midlands of KwaZulu Natal. Skye Bistro is named after the most significant, northernmost island, the Isle of Skye, in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.

The restaurant has a reputation as one of the best eateries on the Midlands Meander and was rated by Graham Neilson in Wine Magazine as an innovator of South African cuisine. Besides the relaxed ambience, the uniqueness of Skye is also visible in the South African twist that Head Chef Regis Drouet and his team added to each dish.

Driving down the tree-lined road to Skye Bistro at night is magical, and the charm continues with the reception and service at this venue. Our meal was superb, from the calamari starter to the confit chicken and artichoke risotto (vegan). The array of tasty pecan nut pie, Cheesecake, and apple pie desserts is excellent – Mary Ann Pringle Steiner.”

Remember that this is one of the Midlands Meander Restaurants where booking is essential. For reservations, email [email protected] or call Tel 033 266 6217. Open 7 days a week for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Map of Midlands Restaurants

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